Christmas gifts you want but can't have [Gift Guide 2012]

Christmas gifts you want but can't have [Gift Guide 2012]

Summary: There's plenty of tempting gifts ideas out there for Christmas, but a fair few of them would try the most liberal budgets.

TOPICS: Tech Industry

Luxury jewellry maker Shawish has designed a collection of USB sticks far and beyond the usual market. Instead, the "Magic Mushroom" collection are all embellished with gemstones including diamonds, rubies and sapphires. 

Each USB key can hold up to 32GB of data. 

Some of the available mushrooms in the collection include a 9.18 carat diamond-studded USB stick, a ruby-studded mushroom weighing in at 11.34 carats, and a sapphire-inlaid version coming in at 11.34 carats. A magic mushroom coated in white gold and diamonds will set you back $36,900, rubies will cost you $24,400, and one studded with sapphires and white diamonds can be bought for $16,500.

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • 'you want' is an overstatement

    'you may want', or 'I'd love to have' is more like it.
  • With the possible exception of the LG television...MAYBE...

    ...all the rest is for people with more money than brains and/or taste.

    What a load of cr@p. Sorry dear...
  • Why would anybody want a gold or diamond encrusted anything

    that is going to be obsolete in less than a year?
    Michael Kelly
  • fail

    Given the premise of the story which is "fantastic personal tech that is beyond the reach of those with normal-sized bank accounts" -- this is the best list the author could come up with? A bunch of boring everyday items that have been hit with a Bedazzler (albeit one loaded with real diamonds)?

    • This writer is absolutely the worst one on ZDNet

      Her "articles" are fluff and nonsense and she struggles with grammar.