Christmas gifts you want but can't have [Gift Guide 2012]

Christmas gifts you want but can't have [Gift Guide 2012]

Summary: There's plenty of tempting gifts ideas out there for Christmas, but a fair few of them would try the most liberal budgets.

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LG's 84LM960V television set has an 84 inch screen complete with seven sets of 3D glasses, freeview HD TV and built-in Wi-Fi. 

LG's Ultra HD television set boasts a screen resolution four times higher than standard, full HD, and comes in at 3840 x 2160 pixels. To complete the HD experience -- comparable to 4 42" television sets -- LG's offering includes a set of 2.2 speakers, and a magic remote which can be activated through voice recognition technology. 

The television's 3D technology means you can change 2D viewing into 3D through a click of a button, and the "passive 3D" technology is meant to lower the stress of watching 3D scenes on your eyes. 

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • 'you want' is an overstatement

    'you may want', or 'I'd love to have' is more like it.
  • With the possible exception of the LG television...MAYBE...

    ...all the rest is for people with more money than brains and/or taste.

    What a load of cr@p. Sorry dear...
  • Why would anybody want a gold or diamond encrusted anything

    that is going to be obsolete in less than a year?
    Michael Kelly
  • fail

    Given the premise of the story which is "fantastic personal tech that is beyond the reach of those with normal-sized bank accounts" -- this is the best list the author could come up with? A bunch of boring everyday items that have been hit with a Bedazzler (albeit one loaded with real diamonds)?

    • This writer is absolutely the worst one on ZDNet

      Her "articles" are fluff and nonsense and she struggles with grammar.