Cisco to buy NewScale for cloud management

Cisco to buy NewScale for cloud management

Summary: The networking giant has announced plans to buy NewScale, a provider of management software for cloud computing

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Cisco announced on Tuesday that it would acquire NewScale, a provider of self-service management software for enterprise IT and cloud computing.

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NewScale's portals allow enterprise customers to initiate the provisioning of their own systems and infrastructure on an as-needed basis. Cisco intends to apply that methodology to cloud computing. Similar to Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Cisco-NewScale pairing would allow customers to build, provision and expand their own private cloud infrastructure on an as-needed basis based on standardised service options.

"Cloud computing represents a major shift in the evolution of the internet, and as more customers migrate from traditional IT infrastructures, the need for rapid self-provisioning and efficient management becomes increasingly critical," said Parvesh Sethi, senior vice president of Cisco, in a statement.

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