Citrix teaming with NetApp on data sharing, storage deployments

Citrix teaming with NetApp on data sharing, storage deployments

Summary: Citrix and NetApp are collaborating on an approach intended to speed up data sharing and storage deployments for enterprise customers.


Citrix is teaming up with NetApp on a new method for accelerating on-premise, large-scale data sharing and storage deployments.

Essentially, this new product is meant to enhance Citrix's ShareFile with StorageZones data storage options, which launched a few weeks ago.

Here's how it is supposed to work. ShareFile with StorageZones is designed for managing corporate data, whether it is located on-premise and/or in Citrix's cloud storage options.

NetApp comes in for the businesses that choose on-premise. These customers are then eligible to sign up for NetApp Data ONTAP software for managing data access, usage growth and monitoring costs, among other tasks.

Citrix and NetApp boasted that the addition of this joint solution will enable IT departments to add more storage, perform maintenance or retire storage while sustaining continuous access to data.

Thus, being touted with less downtime and more options for monitoring costs and usage, there in lies the idea that this approach would speed up large-scale deployments -- at least for Citrix's ShareFile with StorageZones.

For a closer look at Citrix ShareFile and ShareFile with StorageZones, check out the promo video below:

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