Cloud backup app supports Amazon Glacier

Cloud backup app supports Amazon Glacier

Summary: Haystack Software this month added support for Amazon Web Services' Glacier archival storage solution.


Haystack Software's $29 Arq backup software previously supported backups to Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) and recently added backups to Amazon Glacier archival storage. The utility supports a number of interesting functions, including backup versioning that stores multiple "versions" of files; intelligent backups that de-duplicates backups automatically; and a wide range of scheduling options.  

With Glacier you can store 100GB for just $1/month! Or store a terabyte for just $10/month!

I got hundreds of emails and tweets asking for Glacier support. Turns out it’s a good option for some scenarios (even with the slow restore time and possible extra Amazon charges). People want to use it for big stuff like iPhoto libraries, videos, etc. that get too expensive in S3. They use it as a secondary backup, so they don’t expect to actually restore unless their whole house burns down, taking their primary backup with it.

The addition of Glacier takes this cloud backup solution to a new level. Amazon's archival storage service is aimed at longterm storage and will provide a 99.999999999 percent average annual durability, the company says.

The service redundantly stores data in multiple facilities and on multiple devices within each facility. To increase durability, Amazon Glacier synchronously stores your data across multiple facilities before returning SUCCESS on uploading archives. Unlike traditional systems which can require laborious data verification and manual repair, Glacier performs regular, systematic data integrity checks and is built to be automatically self-healing.

The pricing structure of Glacier is different than the readily-accessible S3 storage: there's no instant access. Instead, users must initiate a retrieval and pay a sliding scale for the time to recovery and the size of the retrieval package. Of course, if you've lost your system and primary backup, then the cost isn't so onerous.

In addition, Haystack offers an interesting iOS viewer app for files in Arq backups.

If I have time this holiday week, I will set up an Arq Glacier archive and report on the progress in another post.

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  • A new service also using amazon glacier

    I also happened to find a new service offering the same as arq and using Amazon glacier. It's worth checking from what i get on their website it supports macs and windows in addition to data storage devices . The great part that it is getting cheaper to move to the cloud.
  • Arq

    Arq doesn't run as a background daemon in OS X, but instead is a regular user run application. That means you must be logged in for the backups to occur. This makes it unfeasible for my usage.

    CrashPlan, for example, run on my server with no user logged in, something I wish Arq would do. I'd switch in a heartbeat.
    David Schwartz