Cloud-hosted help desk service Freshdesk adds voice features

Cloud-hosted help desk service Freshdesk adds voice features

Summary: The service now allows small businesses to support customers through multiple channels, including email, social media, community forms and phone.


As businesses rush to better integrate information and insights shared by various customer support channels -- including email, phone, social media and community forums -- Freshdesk is adding a new option that embeds telephony features into its cloud-hosted customer support software for small and midsize businesses (SMBs).

The new feature, called Freshfone, will enable support or field service teams to grab incoming calls from their computer; it also includes a forwarding mechanism that allows customer support teams to send incoming outreach to their mobile phones instead. The service previously just supported email, social media and community forum interactions.

The Freshdesk service is free for one to three agents. After that, the base level service costs $15 per agent, per month. (You'll need to opt for one of the higher-level services, starting at $16 per agent per month, in order to get the telephony feature.)

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