Cloud realities: Lessons so far

Cloud realities: Lessons so far

Summary: On March 13, ZDNet hosted a live panel featuring four cloud-seasoned CXOs that discussed the benefits gained, lesson learnt and the challenges that remain from practical experience based on experience from cloud deployments.


Cloud is just a delivery mechanism for achieving business outcomes — cost savings, speed, agility, and automation.

On March 13, ZDNet hosted a panel featuring four cloud-seasoned CXOs that discussed the realities of their choices for or against the cloud, and the results that followed.

Live from Oracle's CloudWorld conference, ZDNet was joined by Andrew Henderson, CIO at ING Direct; Peter Alexander, CIO of the Federal Department of Treasury; Damian Cronan, CTO at Mi9; and Bob Evans, Oracle SVP of Communications and contributor to Forbes.

This was a discussion that skirted the cloud-hype, and focused on the perspectives based on experience and hard-learned lessons.

Topics: Cloud: How to Do SaaS Right, Cloud, Australia

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  • Photo images

    As a photographer, I wish to backup my important folio images, which are many GBytes of data. What is maximum cloud storage I can use and how save and secure is my data?
    Kenneth Knight
    • This discussion is about corporate cloud solutions, not individual cloud storage offerings like dropbox and which sounds like it would meet your needs
  • panel

    good panel however how about having at least one woman next time??
  • Good panel discussion

    But still not into the gritty pros and cons of cloud solutions. Too many references to 'making a bet' and 'money no option' decisions on moving to cloud rather than business requirement and strategy.
  • Panel

    how do you intend to tackle the security problem related to cloud as it becomes popular? Like what happened with Apple since they were attacked by hackers. Do you intend to make separate department which would solely be developing security software or will do something else?