Cloud security service protects WordPress content

Cloud security service protects WordPress content

Summary: IPVenger helps small businesses protect Web sites from malicious content, comment spam, and zero-hour exploits.

TOPICS: SMBs, Cloud, Security
IPVenger Dashboard - Analytics Panel

Attention small businesses that use WordPress to manage the content on the Web: Developer NorseCorp. has launched a cloud security service designed to protect open-source content management systems that many SMBs use to run their Internet sites. 

The service, called IPVenger, initially supports WordPress (used to power nearly 70 million sites across the Web), with Joomla and Drupal versions to follow in the near future.

The service uses NorseCorp.'s cyberthreat intelligence to block comment spam, malware, botnets, or zero-hour exploits. It offers a dashboard that provides site managers with real-time traffic analytics that show threats being launched against them, allowing them to adjust their settings or increase security metrics appropriately. IPVenger operates as a WordPress plug-in. 

Here's a video with more information:

NorseCorp.'s other services include nGate, which is a secure payment gateway meant to protect POS devices or e-commerce systems. 

Pricing for IPVenger starts at $10 per month for a single site that has relatively low traffic or $45 per month for one with medium traffic. (The company doesn't really define on its site what they mean; they offer custom pricing for sites that support a larger number of visitors.)

Topics: SMBs, Cloud, Security

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