Cloud Sherpas tapped to handle Google customer services

Cloud Sherpas tapped to handle Google customer services

Summary: The two-time Google Enterprise Partner of the year is one of an elite group designated to provide enhanced technical support.

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Cloud Sherpas, one of Google's top cloud integration partners, has been authorized to provide Customer Success Services for Google Apps.

That means the Atlanta-based company can handle some pretty high-level customer support functions related to Google implementations, including helping organizations with advanced roadmap presentations, providing change management assistance, and delivering enhanced technical support.

It's a big deal because Google is pretty picky about which organizations it lets handle support: it considers this a big differentiator, and it only designates certain Premier-level partners to act in this capacity. Cloud Sherpas already offered some pretty extensive support services; the new designation will extend those capabilities.

"We needed a partner who could support us around the clock and provide the technical resources we need to keep our systems running smoothly around the globe 24/7," said Al Bakutis, enterprise network and IT telecommunications manager for Fairchild Semiconductor, in a statement. "Customer Success Services through Cloud Sherpas allows us to not only receive immediate support if and when we need it, but it gives us access to a premium community, Google product and engineering teams, and even change management assistance."

Here's what is specifically covered under Google's Customer Success Services portfolio:

  • Proactive communication about feature plans and changes (including the aforementioned roadmap information) and access to the Google Premium Customer Network
  • Advice and consulting focused on management, such as best practices and application usage guidance
  • Enhanced technical support, such as 24/7 coverage, case prioritization, faster response time, and direct access to a designated account manager

The authorization covers both North American and Asia-Pacific Cloud Sherpas customers. 

Several other Google Apps partners have announced Customer Support Services authorizations over the past few weeks, including SADA Systems (which I profiled earlier this week), Onix Networking (from Ohio), and Ancoris (which focuses on the United Kingdom).

Topics: Cloud, Channel

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  • Is anyone else mildly offended by the name?

    If Cloud Sherpas were run out of Nepal, by Sherpas, I think it'd be fine. But I don't think a bunch of Georgians should be co-opting the ethnicity of some people on the other side of the world for their company. In the 3rd millennium I think we should be past that.
    x I'm tc
    • Must everyone be so

      sensitive, and politically correct? Really? I use the term sherpa with the word binary to describe the things I do for my customers, as I escort them through the [sometimes] murky waters of computing.

      But I am neither neither Nepalese, nor Asian, nor Oriental [another term that seems to attract attention, which is ODD considering it was never used as a term of derision].

      People should relax, and worry more about the way things are said, rather than strictly how they are said.
  • Not a Redskin fan either?