Club Nintendo site hacked, customer data exposed

Club Nintendo site hacked, customer data exposed

Summary: Game console maker's Web site with 4 million members in Japan was breached and personal data such as e-mail addresses exposed, but the company did not confirm if the information had been misused.

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Club Nintendo's Web site has been breached and personal information of its Japan customers may be exposed.

Ninetendo's member Web site has been breached and personal information of its customers in Japan may have been exposed, according to the company.

A report by The Japan Times on Saturday cited a statement by the game console and software maker which revealed about 15.46 million fradulent login attempts were launched against the site from June 9, 2013, through to Thursday last week. Of these, 23,926 were eventually successful, it said.

Data affected by the hacks included names, home addressses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of its 4 million Club Nintendo members in Japan, the company said.

Nintendo, however, did not confirm any misuse of the breached data. It had suspended the affected accounts and passwords used in the unauthorized access, and was contacting members whose data might have been illegally accessed and requesting that they changed their passwords.

The Club service is offered to registered Nintendo's customers who have purchased the company's consoles and software, allowing them to earn points which can be redeemed for rewards such as CDs.

This is not the first time the Japanese console maker has been breached. Last November, posts on user forum NeoGaf suggested its Wii U network had been breached just hours after its U.S. retail launch in 2011. In another incident, ahead of the expected debut of its next-generation Wii console, Ninetendo found itself the victim of Lulz Security.The company, though, said confidential information was not stolen.



Topics: Security, Japan

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  • 15.436M Failed Attempts??

    Methinks the SysAdmin/WebAdmin need to be taken to task for allowing 15.436M failed login attempts from 1 or a few same IP addresses... or authenticating multiple logins to the same IP address.