Amazon, Dangdang selling fake goods in China

Amazon, Dangdang selling fake goods in China

Summary: Well-establihsed Business-to-customer platforms, including Amazon and, were found selling counterfeit cosmetics products in China from third parties.

TOPICS: E-Commerce, Amazon, China

E-commerce sites Amazon and were found to have carried fake Estee Lauder cosmetic products, according to state-owned China Central Television (CCTV) reported on Wednesday.

Both Amazon and reacted immediately to the reports.

Amazon responded on Thursday that fake goods were sold by a third-party seller, and it has closed down the shop permanently. Amazon added it will beef up scrutiny on these third-party sellers, particularly the beauty, personal care products online shops.

The U.S.-listed, however, recognized that cosmetics sales on B2C platforms has long been an issue in China as most international brands refused to authorize online sales. In this case, the website could only require these individual sellers to provide official "product proof of purchase" to ensure that these goods for sale were genuine ones. also vowed to cooperate with these international cosmetics distributers to open their online sales channels.

A report by Daily Economic News said both Amazon and, which started up their business by selling books in China, have not been involved much with cosmetics sales till today. Cosmetics distributors, on one hand, do not take the B2C platforms seriously due to their relatively limited sales, on the other hand, they are also reluctant to expand online.

A Guangzhou Daily news report revealed that over 20 percent of cosmetics sold online are fake in China these days. But it is hard to tell if these platforms are negligent in these cases, or otherwise, as all these B2C platforms are actively attracting all kinds of third-party merchants, and some earned more than half of income from these individual shops, making these platforms hard to resist the enticement, said the report.

Topics: E-Commerce, Amazon, China

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  • Considering...

    Cosmetics and fashion (like diamonds) are horrifically overinflated and over-manipulated markets, it doesn't surprise me that this happens. When ever there's greedy people selling overpriced products, there's another greedy person trying to make money off that. While I acknowledge that it is illegal and can be unsafe when referring to cosmetics, I do find it to be a bit of poetic justice.
  • Fake goods in China?

    Isn't that all that they make in China - fake goods and copyrights stolen from the rest of the planet?