Amazon's Kindle launch in China delayed

Amazon's Kindle launch in China delayed

Summary: US e-commerce giant's plans to introduce cloud services in China reportedly suspended, delaying launch of its Kindle e-reader in the country.


Amazon's plans to launch cloud services in China has been suspended, delaying the launch of its Kindle e-reader in the country.

According to Sohu Tech news site on Wednesday, citing an unnamed source, Amazon had started negotiating in 2010 to set up its cloud service in the country and concluded the difficult process a year later. However, the company decided to suspend preparation work.

This follows a reports earlier this month that the U.S. e-commerce giant had the Chinese government's approval to sell Kindle devices in China and is believed to have had plans to bring devices to the country earlier this month.

Since the Kindle is reliant on the service launch, providing services and opportunities for Amazon to draw revenue from device owners, Kindle's release in China will be affected and delayed, the report on the Chinese news site noted.

Amazon is also adjusting its methods of offering cloud services in China, since foreign companies who wish to operate cloud services in the country must have government license, a local data center and a special unit, the report added.

Within Asia, Amazon has already made a push into Japan last month, launching a Japanese-version of its new Paperwhite e-reader, a Japanese Kindle store and smartphone app to enter the country's e-book market.

The Kindle's entrance into China will face competition from Chinese e-commerce player Dangdang who launched its e-reader in July at a retail price of 599 yuan (US$79). In comparison, the cheapest Kindle Paperwhite e-reader, which includes "Special Offers", retails at US$119 in the United States. 

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  • Why pay tax

    Kindle PaperwhiteWi-Fi is selling in Hong Kong at US$216 I suppose per head that Hong Kong has more Kindles per person than anywere else in the world. The fact that you cannot buy it makes it worth more in China and Kindle do not pay Chinese sales tax when they sell it in Hong Kong. Using a VPN with a Wi-Fi connected router and modified DNS it will work ok. Kindle are in no big rush they have learned this trick from Apple after all made in the same place.
  • I wonder if this isn't really about negotiations with the Chinese govt

    Little details like:

    1. What sorts of books is Amazon allowed to offer inside of China?
    2. Will the government be able to order Amazon to delete e-books from individual devices (in or out of China)?
    3. Will the government have any say about what sorts of e-books Amazon offers outside of China? I'm pretty sure the Chinese government would not like the Epoch Times, or other publications critical of them available on Kindle anywhere in the world.
    John L. Ries
  • Books in China

    You have to understand China's has 2000 years of written history. There are huge amount of books both past and present to be digitized and put on line. Those books that restricted (it is a joke anyway, most Chinese could get it from illegal means or directly from Hong Kong) by the government were only in ppm (parts per million).
    Alexander Tang