China slams US comments on Chinese spying as PRISM 'diversion'

China slams US comments on Chinese spying as PRISM 'diversion'

Summary: In Brussels for talks with the European Union, a Chinese diplomat describes the comments of U.S. congressman Mike Rogers on Chinese espionage as attempts to divert attention from international concerns regarding PRISM.


China has dismissed a U.S. congressman's comments in Brussels last week regarding Chinese cyberespionage as "ridiculous" and an attempt to "divert" global attention from his country's own spying program. 

Speaking in Brussels on Sunday, where Chinese officials were addressing the European Union, a spokesperson slammed remarks made by U.S. Republican Mike Rogers to the European Parliament during his own visit to Brussels last week. Also the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Rogers had told reporters in Brusels that his thoughts on NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden were "not fit to print" and warned the European Parliament against inviting Snowden to address them. 

Rogers added that EU discussions on US-led surveillance was aiding China to rob companies in their regions. "Because of this confusion and of this muddling of the debate, it has allowed the Chinese to absolutely steal us blind when it comes to intellectual property of European and American companies," he said, along with allegations that Chinese economic espionage had already cost the U.S. economy US$400 billion.

Dimissing his remarks, the Chinese diplomat in Brussels said in a Xinhua report: "Remarks of this kind are ridiculous. The PRISM issue has drawn worldwide attention. Its impact is worthy of rethinking.

"We hope relevant parties could take it seriously and address their own problems properly, rather than attempt to divert the concerns of the international community by making unprofessional and irresponsible accusations," the spokesperson said. "We oppose hacking and cyberattack of whatever form. We call upon the international community to actively conduct dialogue and cooperation in the spirit of mutual respect and mutual trust, and formulate international cyberspace code of conduct under the UN framework."

The Chinese official added that ongoing communication on cybersecurity collaboration between China and the U.S., as well as China and EU remain unimpeded. 

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  • Our government has become the least credible group of people in the world.

    And just 14 years ago, the world looked to us for leadership.

    Thanks, everyone! Great work!
  • This wouldn't even be a scandal to China

    Are you sure its not China trying to draw attention away from their slave labor, horrendous record on human rights, record numbers of executions, and political prisoners? Who is China to be lecturing anybody on anything?

    If businesses and countries weren't so busy trying to benefit from China economically, they would be under international sanctions like Iran, North Korea, and Burma (until the last few months).

    Who cares what these human rights violating idiots think? Our government has done some bad things, no doubt, but China is in no position to talk about anybody else.

    Perhaps we will care a bit more about what China thinks when they stop behaving like a monster.
  • Spying

    Everybody spies, the US, China, Russia, France, England, and anyone else with the capability.
  • Just another case...

    ...of the Pot calling the Kettle black.

    Face it kids...EVERY country is spying on every other country...and has been doing so...since political boundaries were invented.

    Some get caught at it...others don't...but they ALL do it. As well as spying internally.

    Is it right? Absolutely not. Will it ever stop? Not likely.

    Politicians and militaries are self-interested entities, and will do anything to retain power. But look on the bright side folks...ALL "great empires" fall eventually. It is only a matter of time before history repeats itself once more.

    Have a nice day! :-)
    • Empires fall...

      ...but only if the people take action. These days, we're too complacent as a nation.
  • and they said Kabuki was retro

    just more posturing, as if both sides don't know who's spying on who
  • But they're the bad guys...

    It's not just China. Every country that suppresses Free Speech is going to point to the good old US of A as a shining example. By the way, does anyone know if our government is censoring citizens based on this surveillance?
  • You Anti-American Losers!!

    All of you, stop your stupid attacks against America. We are a free country and proud of it!

    See NSA, there's no need to open a file on me. I am patriotic. Really.