China to up vigilance over IP, software piracy

China to up vigilance over IP, software piracy

Summary: Trade official says China is committed to improving intellectual property protection and tackle software piracy, and in turn, U.S. will facilitate more Chinese investments in the country.

TOPICS: Software, Piracy, China

China has reiterated its commitment to improve protection of intellectual property (IP) rights and tackle software piracy in its country. In return, United States will look at increasing the export of high-tech products, and facilitate more Chinese investments in the country.

In a China Daily report Thursday, China's Commerce Minister Chen Deming pledged the country will "do more" to protect IP rights and combat software piracy by promoting the use of legal software. It was reported in July the government had spent US$156.9 million on software licenses to stem the use of pirated software within all public sector agencies.  

Chen acknowledged these are "longstanding" complaints from its U.S. counterparts, and they are being addressed. He was speaking at the plenary session of the 23rd Session of China-U.S. Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT), which was co-chaired by Vice Premier Wang Qishan and Acting U.S. Commerce Secretary Rebecca Black and U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk. 

The U.S. trade officials, in turn, has promised to address China's demands for greater exports of American-made high-tech products. It has also agreed to look into facilitating more Chinese investments into the country, the Chinese minister revealed.


Topics: Software, Piracy, China

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  • It's just a fantasy!

    Yea, right!! The abuse of software in China is epic in its proportion. This is lip service plain and simple, there is no way that China is going to regulate this except for perhaps the top end businesses that do business directly with the west. The other billion will continue to use the pirated ware or the pirate run versions sold out the back door for a few yuan.
  • This is a way... sell western IP lobbyists on its Great Firewall. Kind of like the way harsh interrogation techniques save taxpayer money that might otherwise be spent conducting old fashioned investigations and trials.
    John L. Ries