China wants hacking allegations to stop

China wants hacking allegations to stop

Summary: Following another allegation it directed a cyberattack on Germany, China voices concerns accusations against the country will increase the risk of conflict and deter nations from working together to safeguard the Internet.

Chinese foreign ministry hopes the relevant parties will stop lodging accusations and work together to safeguard cyberspace security.

The Chinese government has expressed concerns over recent negative cybersecurity developments and hopes accusations against the country will stop.

According to a China Daily report Monday, the government held a press conference to address questions regarding an alleged Chinese cyberattack directed against Germany. Hua Chunying, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson, said: "China has cooperated in the areas of cybersecurity and law enforcement with 30 countries, including Britain, Germany and Russia. It has developed an overall mechanism for fighting cybercrimes and hacker attacks."

She added that China hopes relevant parties will stop lodging accusations against the Asian country and work together to safeguard cyberspace security.

This comes after two German companies, European Aeronautic Defence & Space (EADS) and steelmaker ThyssenKrupp, said they were attacked by Chinese hackers last year, according to a separate Bloomberg report on Monday. German magazine Spiegel also reported that last year, almost 1,100 cyberattacks launched by foreign intelligence services had targeted the German federal government.

Hua also noted the Chinese government was worried about the recent negative developments in cybersecurity. Some countries had treated cyberspace as a new battlefield, justifying their efforts to build up their own cyberarsenals by making their own rules regarding how the Internet should be managed, she explained.

These activities increased the risk of potential conflicts between nations, Hua warned. She pointed to cyberespionage activities conducted by some countries as an attempt to divert attention from real problems, noting that this would not help create a cooperative international atmosphere. 

China is often blamed for cyberattacks on U.S. companies. Last week, IT security vendor Mandiant released a report which alleged the Chinese military had a hand in an "overwhelming" percentage of cyberattacks. U.S. media publications The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Washington Post also said they were breached by Chinese hackers last month.

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  • China: Want to decrease the risk of conflict?

    Stop using your army to hack entities in other countries. Simples.
  • Hahaha!

    Stop accusing us of hacking you! We don't want everyone to know!! Really? Maybe if they stopped attacking other countries and doing stupid things like logging into facebook at the same time, they wouldn't have to worry about it. OOPS.
  • That's nice

    The Communist Chinese government has never made a secret of the fact that they don't regard *any* foreign criticism of it as legitimate ("interference in China's internal affairs" is the usual formula). What are they prepared to do about it?
    John L. Ries
  • Chinese hacker link to state actor dubious

    IMHO to pin this on the Chinese military more concrete evidence is needed. Mandiant’s report is full of holes:

    NED's grants to CDT is public information that can be easily verified on Google.

    1) Mandiant claims Hebei is part of Shanghai, but we all know it's 500 miles and 3 provinces away.

    2) The address Mandiant claims is Unit 61398 Central building, page 11, is the address of the Unit 61398 Kindergarden. (Ref. Google " 61398")

    3) I urge you to fact check the Mandiant report, it's full of holes. For one the hacker DOTA was outted by Anonymous back in 2011. (Ref. Google "d0ta010 2j3c1k")