China's knockoff phonemaker to patent design of rumored iPhone 5

China's knockoff phonemaker to patent design of rumored iPhone 5

Summary: GooPhone i5 makers, a Chinese knockoff phone manufacturer, says it has applied to patent the aircraft design in the rumored iPhone 5 in a bid to block Apple’s yet-to-be launched new iPhone from entering the China market.

TOPICS: iPhone, Apple, iPad, Legal, China

If Apple's iPhone 5 proves to have the same look of GooPhone i5, efforts will be made to prevent the iPhone 5 from being sold in China's domestic market, said the knockoff mobile phone maker, GooPhone, in a video before the official launched of iPhone 5.

According to a report this week, Chinese laws protect design patents on the first-come-first-served basis. GooPhone's manufacturer will file lawsuits against Apple if the iPhone 5, anticipated to be launched next week on Sep. 12, proves to be the same as those leaked on the Internet.

In July, Apple paid China-based Proview Technology US$60 million to resolve the iPad trademark case in the territory.

GooPhone i5 is now only advertised on its official Web site. The knockoff mobile phone manufacturer also sells other models which look identical with Apple's iPhone 4S as well Samsung's Galaxy S3, according to its online sales page.

Chinese popstar Jimmy Lin last week also leaked suspected iPhone 5 on his Weibo, posting a collection of pictures of him playing with the new device. GooPhone i5 is identical to the rumored iPhone 5 design shown on Lin's Weibo.

Apple is due to launch the next-generation of iPhone at an event on Sep. 12, but several knockoff cellphone makers in China have produced various kinds of so-called new iPhone long ahead of this supposed official launch.  


Topics: iPhone, Apple, iPad, Legal, China

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  • It's not just Apple

    Looked at that website: holy cow! It's not just Apple and the iPhone. These guys produce knockoffs of all popular phone models, including the Samsung Galaxy III, the Galaxy Note and the HTC One (which is advertised as featuring Sense customizations).

    That such a company can even exist and publish a public website tells you everything you need to know about the sorry state of Chinese Intellectual Property protections for foreign companies.
  • LOL

    LOL, they only remove the back cover from the back and call this a big change? I hope the add something really worthy, so far looks like the same phone to me. The iphone is behind all existing Android phone on decent screen size, LTE, NFC, micro SD, etc.
    Getting a phone that is outdated is just dump. We can call the iphone as the smartphone for dummies.
    • Or...

      You could call it a smart phone for smart people who understand what they want and need; those who do not just buy a phone with a bunch of features they probably won't use.

      As for dummies, I suggest you have a look at Grammar for Dummies.
      A Grain of Salt
    • Funny

      The only Dummies" are the ones that buy High-end feature phones (Nokia Lumia) thinking they're smart phones. WP is a feature phone OS on old Android/Meego harware
      Troll Hunter J
  • Delusional

    If the makers of the "GooPhone i5" think that Apple hasn't patented the next iPhone design, LONG before they copied it... they are living in fantasy-land.
    Harvey Lubin