Chinese popstar again leaks suspected iPhone 5C on Weibo

Chinese popstar again leaks suspected iPhone 5C on Weibo

Summary: Former teen idol Jimmy Lin has posted pictures of himself with the next Apple handset ahead of its official release, similar to the stunt he pulled last year for the iPhone 5.


Former Chinese teen idol Jimmy Lin has posted pictures of what's suspected to be the next Apple handset ahead of its official release.

"So it is the so-called iPhone 5C?" Lin posted two pictures on his Sina Weibo account on Thursday. Last year, he had similarly leaked photos of the iPhone 5 on the Chinese version of Twitter, including a list of new features which were all proven to be true.

However, Lin did not specify any features of the suspected iPhone 5C on his Weibo this time.

In one picture, Lin holds the suspected iPhone 5C, showing the back of the phone.

Jimmy 1

In the other photo, the suspected iPhone 5C is shown beside an iPhone 5. The two devices look identical in size, while the back cover of the iPhone 5C notably appears to be plastic.

Jimmy 2

The 39-year-old Lin now has over 20.3 million followers on his Sina Weibo account, a big jump from the 13.6 million followers he had with the previous leak involving the iPhone 5.

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  • This kind of thing has got to drive Tim Cook nuts.

    I'm sure he's wondering who else outside of Apple and Foxconn/Pegatron has got their hands on a production model. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple has written language into their contracts with the fabricators regarding penalties for information release?
    • Re: This kind of thing has got to drive Tim Cook nuts

      Especially since Apple needs the Chinese more than the Chinese need Apple.
      • So does the US government

        And I'm sure that drives them nuts too.
  • iPhone 5C

    I would rip myself to shreds if the iPhone 5C is actually the iPhone 5S.
    Dreyer Smit
  • Now there's a thought

    Hhmmmm polycarbonate phones in different colors. That reminds me of another manufacturer....wait...wait I'll remember in a second. Actually though what if they kept iphone 5 for high end and had these for midrange. They may have some stock of i5's. Then toss in a large screen model and away we go.
    • You're in the middle of the forest and all you see is a tree.

      The current iphone 5 will be the midrange $99 model. The 5C, using the existing i5 logic board (perhaps with a lower-cost camera unit) in a cheaper, easier to manufacture PC case becomes that "free with contract"/$299 unsubsidized model while the new iPhone with A7 chip, sapphire crystal covered fingerprint sensor, and whatever other goodies Apple finally decides on adding will be the $199 on contract/$649 unlocked model. All will run the same display size, and all will use the Lightning charger. Which means Apple gets to maintain it's economies of scale by extending the life of existing components, maintains consistency in screen size, and unifies on single adapter, plus gets that lower-cost iPhone into emerging markers. Yes, it's not "low cost", but no one with a brain ever expected Apple to do a $99 unlocked iPhone.