Chinese writers win infringement case against Apple

Chinese writers win infringement case against Apple

Summary: China Written Works Copyright Society has been awarded compensation of US$68,000 in an infringement verdict against Apple, which was found to have sold rights-protected books illegally in its appstore.

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The Beijing Second Intermediate People's Court has found Apple liable of copyright infringement involving eight Chinese writers, awarding them 412,000 yuan (US$68,000) in losses.

Apple was also ordered to compensate 18,000 yuan on "reasonable costs of litigation expenses", according to the court ruling announced Thursday morning. Despite the win, the awarded compensation of US$68,000 was a far cry from the 11.9 million yuan (US$1.9 million) the authors had demanded for the copyright violation when they first filed suit in January.

Attorney for the writer's alliance, Wang Guohua, told Sina News the ruling showed the Chinese court had confirmed Apple's infringement which excluded liability for the third-parties, but said the amount of compensation was relatively low.

Apple's attorney declined to comment on the case.

In July 2011, over 20 Chinese renowned writers found that their e-books were sold on Apple's App Store without authorization. The group asked the U.S. company to remove these pirated books but Apple refused to take action, saying the writers failed to provide sufficient materials about the infringement. 

Topics: Legal, Apple, China

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    Pekin İkinci Ara Halk Mahkemesi bulmuştur onları kayıplar 412,000 yuan (US $ 68,000) ödüllendirme, sekiz Çinli yazarlar içeren telif hakkı ihlali Elma sorumlu.
    • Turkish Spam?

      Spam and rehashed news? C'mon.
  • This is a surprise why?

    apple has been caught, yet again, slavishly copying materials from others?

    This is a surprise why?
    • Yep... accusation is definitely proof of guilt, unless the defendant is MS; even in a country that hasn't had an independent judiciary, or any legal organizations independent of the Communist Party in over 60 years.
      John L. Ries
    • Why are we...

      ...not surprised that toddbottom3 can't see the irony of the world's biggest illegal, industrial scale copier ever - China, fining Apple for something that is not illegal in the west. Here, bookstores are not responsible for the content of the books they sell, nor are publishers who normally get their authors to sign a disclaimer.
      Apple will appeal this until the authors come up with the evidence.
      Nothing surprising in the least in your failure to grasp reality.