Court trial begins for Chinese boy who sold kidney for Apple products

Court trial begins for Chinese boy who sold kidney for Apple products

Summary: 17-year-old boy sold kidney for only 22,000 yuan (US$3,480) to buy iPhone and iPad. Court trial begins on underground chains for illegal trading of organs in China.

TOPICS: Legal, Apple, China

The 17-year-old boy who sold his kidney for Apple products is now suing for compensation of 2.27 million yuan (US$360,000) in the Chinese court.

Nine people in the trail were also prosecuted for intentional injury, as well as underground intermediary that tried to find property candidates and two doctors who conducted surgeries, according to a Sina News report.

The boy, surnamed Wang, was found unwell by his parents who then realized that their child had a kidney removed in exchange for Apple's products, according to the report.

The parents reported the case to the police, which cracked down the whole underground chains of trading kidney in Chenzhou, a Chinese city in Hunan province.

In April 2011, Wang found the underground intermediary through the Internet and said he'd like to sell his kidney for money. The underground intermediary then looked for a doctor in a hospital in Chenzhou and conducted the surgery for Wang.

The boy was paid only 22,000 yuan (US$3,480) but his kidney was eventually sold for 150,000 yuan (US$23,800) plus US$10,000, which was shared between the underground intermediary and the doctor.

Wang was diagnosed as to have suffered "serious injury" and "three-degree disability", according to the Chinese court.

This was not the first case in China where young people had sold their organs to buy Apple products.

Chinese Netizens these days teased Apple on the Internet, saying: "The new iPhone is coming, but I only have one kidney left. What shall I do now?"

Topics: Legal, Apple, China

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  • Jail Time

    What kind of doctor agrees to take a kidney from a healthy 17 year old minor? He needs to be locked away -- and never allowed to practice medicine again! And jail time for the underground intermediaries as well.

    That aside, I am normally against rewarding idiots. But given the idiot is a minor just shy of adulthood -- yeah, they should at least compensate him the difference between what he got (22,000 yuan) and the 'fair market value' of his kidney (150,000 yuan). I wouldn't reward the idiot much more than that -- and certainly not 2.27 million yuan!
    • "Greed" is the reason why,

      but for all the hype of a developing Chinese middle class on 50 cents/hr wages, this issue starts to add a different perspective...
  • Compensation

    I'm changing my mind a bit. Compensation should be given for the fair market value of the kidney -- plus actual medical costs involved with his "3 degree disability" - whatever that means.

    No compensation for 'pain and suffering' though. The 'pain and suffering' will actually help sharpen the idiot kid's judgment next time around.
    • The market is as malleable as those who control it

      And they have become so anti-life that life has developed an anti-business sentiment.

      And we're a society - I'd see what influences fettered this "idiot kid" and see what sort of judgment that the "vile marketers" deserve. Marketers are in business for themselves. They don't give a damn about anybody else. Which includes you, by the way...
  • Missing the point

    Am I the only one who sees it here? Why on earth is the stupid kid suing? It was HIS decision to go trawling for this kidney-for-cash deal in the first place and he got exactly what he wanted.

    And who are you talking about when you say 'they should give him xxx'? The doctors? The intermediaries? The government? In any case, if this genius does get a payout, it'll be from some insurance company and everyone else's premiums will go up as a result.

    He went looking for cash via an illegal, underground organ trader, and he got his rewards - he should live with it. Another sorry tale of people thinking someone else should account for their own dumb actions.

    Besides, he has his iPhone and iPad now, doesn't he?
    • Kid

      The word kid should be your clue. Do all those underage kids with surging hormones and a need to belong make serious considered decisions in your world?
    • Not so

      What you fail to realize are certain types of laws are designed to protect 'vulnerable' people. In other words, a *normal, sane* person would not do this, but certain demographics would 'sell their soul' for a few thousand dollars. It's why there are certain door-to-door laws, to protect against the hard sell. It's why teachers can't have sex with students, even if they are over 18. And simply being a minor kicks this process in in most places, forgetting the rest of the demographic.

      You can't just let those who prey on certain vulnerable classes off the hook with your 'self-justification,' 'he-deserved-it' theory. Sorry.
      Agnt Duke