Huawei won't buy out smartphone makers

Huawei won't buy out smartphone makers

Summary: Huawei won't buy out smartphone makers to augment its market share, opting instead to depend on its own innovation, says senior vice president Chen Lifang.

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Huawei has ruled out plans to acquire handset makers such as BlackBerry and HTC to augment its market share, choosing instead to depend on its own technology. 

Huawei in June had considered acquiring Nokia.

The Chinese smartphone vendor's senior vice president and board member, Chen Lifang, on Wednesday dismissed further speculation the company was looking to buy out other handset makers, according to a report by Reuters. In June, Huawei's chairman of consumer business group Richard Yu, had said it was "considering" buying out Nokia to boost the company's footprint in Europe and the United States. 

Nokia's phone business this week was acquired by Microsoft in a deal worth US$7.2 billion, fueling speculations on when and who will by struggling market players BlackBerry and HTC

Chen told reporters in London Huawei preferred to depend on its own innovation. "We haven't considered [an acquisition]... We want to rely on ourselves," she said, in the Reuters report. 

The company said it inked an architecture licensing deal with ARM, which would allow it to design its own microprocessor cores. Both companies have been partners for nine years where Huawei taps the British chip designer's low-power technology in its networking, cloud, and handset products.

The new ARMv8 license would enable Huawei to incorporate the chip technology in more products including networking and cloud, the Chinese company said.

Topics: Smartphones, Huawei


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