Hundreds riot at Foxconn's China factory

Hundreds riot at Foxconn's China factory

Summary: Armed workers at a Foxconn factory in China fight with counterparts from another province, resulting in dozens hospitalized and three reportedly killed, according to media reports. But the hardware manufacturer denies the deaths.

TOPICS: Hardware, Apple, China

Armed with steel bars, batons, and machetes, over two hundred workers from China's Guizhou province chanted "beat all that are from Shandong" and swept through two dormitory buildings in Foxconn's Yantai factory in Shandong province.

The fight broke out on the night of September 19, the Mid-Autumn Festival on the lunar calendar, according to a South Metropolitan report Monday. The incident escalated on September 21 when the Guizhou workers beat passers-by who wore a factory uniform and smashed the dormitory, cafeteria, and internet cafe located in the Foxconn factory.

The riot, which reportedly led to over 27 injured workers who had to be hospitalized and dozens other minor injuries, only broke up when military police intervened and arrested more than 100 people, a majority of whom were from Guizhou. 

In a separate report by, the incident had tled to three deaths.  

However, while Foxconn acknowledged--via its official Sina Weibo account--the fights in its Shandong factory, it said only 11 sustained minor injuries and no one was severely injured, hospitalized, or killed.

Foxconn is Apple's primary iPhone manufacturing contractor

Topics: Hardware, Apple, China

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  • There is no information that this has anything to do with manufacturing ...

    ... for Apple, which takes only about 30% of Foxconn's workforce, with the other 70% there for Dell, HP, MS, Sony, Nintendo, and even Samsung (yes, though not a much) -- among others.
    • I found that article to be very speculative as well.

      Foxconn does build a good chunk of Apple devices, but that doesn't mean that a factory that builds Apple's products is at fault. Still, I do have a friend who works at Foxconn and hope he is alright in this matter.
    • TFA

      Yeah, according to the Google Translate of the orignal article:

      "It is reported that the incident was two pairs of lovers in Internet cafes, two women during a dispute, the two sides of Guizhou and Shandong Ji boyfriend this fight, and smashed cafe computer. Internet cafe owners favoritism Shandong, Guizhou people were playing angry, rushed back to a collection of fellow dorm revenge Shandong."

      So, some sort of romantic quarrel escalated into what is probably an existing rivalry between the two provinces, if I read this right?
      Just Kelly
      • I have a couple of ideas for TV movie titles...

        FoxConn Story is the first... of course, this would be about the rival street gangs the iPhones and the Droids...

        The other one would be Guiz-e-hou and Shandongiet, the story of two star-crossed lovers from different factions and their elitist cultures that wanted each other dead.
  • I have to admit I was wrong.

    I thought Apple's "shortage" of iPhones (sold out) was done deliberately as another marketing trick, when in truth it could be attributed to worker's issues at Foxconn
    William Farrel
    • 9 million iPhones in all isn't a shortage...

      it's consumer demand, and you gotta admit that 9 million phones in a little under a week is high demand.
      • I always figured the iPhone shortage...

        ...was a marketing ploy. If you look at the sales it seems to be a pretty steady and predictable growth rate. Hard to believe that Apple are incompetent enough to grossly underestimate demand for 7 years in a row.
  • Capitalism always exploits the poorest and weakest

    Capitalists talk, talk and talk about how they want "freedom for everyone around the world". But when the exploited workers in third world countries ask for higher pay for manufacturing all of the gadgets and widgets that Americans and other first world citizens "must have" - they won't get it. But they almost certainly will get fired or worse. Big corporations from America and other first world nations continually "exploit" low wage workers in other countries in order to turn HUGE profits so the CEOs can live lavish and luxurious lifestyles. This system is stupid and should not be allowed. System is badley broken and someone needs to reign-in these fat-cat CEOs.
    • Last I checked.. Foxconn is Chinese.

      Nothing directly to do with "Big corporations from America" other than through contracts negotiated by the Foxconn execs...
      • ...and China's communist

        So... why is the Communist government of China allowing this exploitation of its workers? And why is China's ruling class living as well as or better than the fat-cat CEOs while a $1.50/hour job at Foxconn is considered a *great* job, and the majority of the people live through subsistence farming?
        • Occupation Wall Street

          And why are those who protest the big, evil banks find their iOS gadgets indespensible, created by a company who doesn't mind workers who are exploited? As long as it's not happening here and we don't see it, it's ok with us!
          • So...

            Do they have alternatives? Can you buy a phone made in America? I once theorized that thousands could be employed here in America simply assembling what Apple has manufactured overseas. It would raise the cost of an IPhone by $5.

            But don't expect patriotism from bean counters. Capitalism trupms democracy in the corporate world every day. When was the last time you heard a news report from either political spectrum use the phrase "communist China"?
          • Patriotism?

            Call it what it really is... Mercantilism. Is it based on flawed zero sum thinking of the economy: there is no mutual benefit to me trading with you and you trading with me there is only me making stuff for everyone else. It ignores the basic requirement of trade: for me to buy your stuff you must buy my stuff. We import a lot of stuff from China, we also export a lot of stuff, its a two-way street.
          • Capitalism is not a free market

            A free market never allows for monopolies like Foxconn. But of course, the goal of every Capitalist system is monopolies of employment, of distribution, of patents, copyrights and anything else that will stiffle competition.
            Thus, the workers have no choice, the shareholders have all the choice.
        • Capitalism always gets blamed for the problems

          that occur where it isn't being practiced.
          • So....

            You think China isn't capitalist?
          • Sooo

            Exploiting cheap labor to feed a market with profit as the only goal is NOT capitalism?1 D 10 T!!!
        • Exploitation by outsiders?

          Consider who owns Foxconn. I'm willing to be that it is high ranking members of the party or it will turn out that there are high level members receiving "gifts" from "friends". The reason why the elite live well is that they are in charge. Most, if not all, of these "socialist" revolutions result in someone becoming the new royalty, just under a different name with a promise of "paradise" in the future.
          • Owner

            From the dreaded Wikipedia: "Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., trading as Foxconn Technology Group, is a Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturing company."

            Not a party owned company. Biggest in China, but still an international conglomerate.
        • Why?

          BEcause Capitalists will do what it takes to choke off the Communist collective efforts