iPhone 5 faces bleak outlook in China

iPhone 5 faces bleak outlook in China

Summary: Whether the new Apple smartphone can enter the Chinese market remains a question as knock-off phonemaker says it had patented the design--before the official launch on Thursday--which has proven to be identical with the real model.


"The innovation plight has ended the iPhone mythology," a Sina Tech news commentator wrote after the launch of the new iPhone 5 early Thursday, adding that Apple's aura is now fading.

As Apple only launches one phone product each year, Chinese consumers always have full expectations the company will offer some eye-poppers and design creativity that will make it worth their time queuing up overnight to buy one, he said.

"The art-like design is an important part of the iPhone innovation, and is also one of the most important factors that consumers based on to decide to choose iPhone.

"With consumers facing similar products over the generations, fatigue cannot be avoided. While many of them replace their smartphones every 2 or 3 years, would you still expect them to buy another handset with the same look?" added the Sina commentary.

In another Hexun Tech report, titled "Without breakthrough innovation, Apple is now in the dead end", the author claimed a great number of fans and investors now believe iPhone 5 is no longer able to inject vigors to the market when competing with its peers.

At the same time, Apple is no longer able to maintain secrets on its new products and prevent leaks, said the report, which added that the U.S. company's high profit momentum may also not be sustainable if it is no longer able to surprise its fans in the future.

Before the official launch of iPhone 5, a Chinese phone manufacturer said it had produced its own GooPhone i5 according to leaked pictures of iPhone 5. The knockoff phonemaker also declared it would block Apple's new iPhone from entering the Chinese market if the real model proves to be identical with leaked ones--and it has proven to be similar.

If GooPhone's manufacturer did apply to patent the design, it will be able file lawsuits against Apple as the iPhone 5 would have violated the copyrights that the knockoff phonemaker first registered  in the country.

Another Chinese report said earlier the preorder of iPhone 5 in China also encountered uncertain responses. Unlike the past when new generations of iPhone were due to be introduced in the market and shops generally received notable number of iPhone orders in advance, this time, some shops did not report even a single order from the consumers before the expected launch of iPhone 5.

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  • Yeah, It Might Not Be Such A Big Loss...

    ... considering that Iphone sales were falling off in China anyway.
    • Take a look at your calendar.

      It's 2012, not 1972. Not performing in the chinese market is a "Big loss".
  • China could lose face with consumers...

    If the Chinese government does not stop this blatant copying of prroducts and business tactics against foreign companies they could lose face with both consumers and companies wanting to do business in that country.

    In fact we should all stop buying chinese goods and buy them elsewhere.
    • it is not chinese government

      who is responsible for tiny wages of the workers. you shouldnt expect them (workers) to keep secrets well with such level of "prosperity". therefore you are right, companies must wake up and get back to employing their own country's folks.
      • Check your stuff

        Here is a interesting excercise for you:
        1. Start by checking the dress you are wearing now
        2. Check everything from PET bottle of the cool drink, false ceiling, paint blah blah all made in CHINA/ASIAN country

        Another interesting thing for you to think about, why all these are being imported from Asian countries? Cos you wanted products in cheap rate that's why!!!
    • Re: "Blatant Copying"

      In case you hadn't noticed, it was a Chinese firm that was the first to register the new Iphone design. So it is Apple that is doing the "blatant copying"!

      How do you like them apples?
      • Oh that would be just excellent

        I would love to see Apple fined $1,000,000,000 for slavishly copying the gooPhone.
      • In case YOU haven't noticed

        They said it was a copy of leaked images of the iPhone 5. Nor has it been proven that they were the first to register the design. Sloppy tinking on your part ToddyIdo
  • Check back in a few months

    Funny no mention of Siri in Chinese, maps, built-in qq and weibo, etc. This article could have been written by Samsung Central PR^^
  • Can we have this article written in proper English please

    Though this is about China, this is an English web site. Do watch your language. Thanks.
  • They'll make their own phones. Might as well... they make ours.

    I think anyone who believes this is about Apple isn't paying attention. Baidu is making what look like Android-powered Lumia phones. But it isn't Android; it's Baidu's own OS. And they aren't Lumia phones; they're Chinese knockoffs.

    There are others like it. Some analysts don't think these "single brand" operating systems will go very far, but I don't see how they could know what deals might be in the works. Baidu is China's largest search engine, analogous to Google here. Google has made plenty of deals for their OS.

    Regardless of the OS wars, the hardware wars are for sure going to the home teams. Chipmaker MediaTek, which makes a sort of 'cell phone on a chip,' shipped 500 million units last year to Chinese handset makers, mostly guys we over here have never heard of. That's more phones than Nokia, more phones than Samsung, a lot more phones than Apple.

    From one end to the other, this is China being China.
    Robert Hahn