Nearly 80 percent surf the Web in China via mobile devices

Nearly 80 percent surf the Web in China via mobile devices

Summary: More are going online via mobile devices as the total number of Chinese Internet users hit a record high at 591 million, according to government research agency CNNIC.


China's Internet population hit a record high of 591 million by the end of June driven by a growth in mobile Internet usage, which now makes up nearly 80 percent of all users.

Nearly 80 percent surf the Web in China via mobile devices.

The country's total Internet user base grew by 26.56 million in the first half of the year, according to a report on Wednesday by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).

China's mobile Internet user base comprised 78.5 of all users at 464 million compared with 72.2 percent a year ago, according to the government-affiliated research group. Such users have been actively using services like instant messaging platforms such as Tencent's WeChat and payment modes like e-commerce giant Alibaba's Alipay on handsets.

Web applications with strong growth included online music, video, games and literature, according to CNNIC.

This has led Chinese Internet companies to focus investments to capture the growing mobility trend. For example, earlier this year Alibaba raised its investment in China's Twitter-like service Weibo with an 18 percent stake purchase for US$586 million. Search giant Baidu has also been making heavy investments into pushing more mobile offerings.

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  • Mobile vs Desktop

    Despite such huge numbers on Internet-connected mobile devices, the Statcounter figures for China have mobile as generating just 5.89% of the total web traffic in China. That's lower than the current global average of 16.7%. I suspect this is probably the result of mobile users primarily using apps more often than web browsers to access content. In contrast, India now has 58.69% of its Internet traffic now being generated from mobile devices while desktop accounts for just 41.31%.
  • Define traffic....

    If you mean they turned on their Chines browser for a few pages vs hundred and thousands of pages from a typical desktop user, then maybe I buy this. The last I saw the typical home PC accounts for thousands of web browser pages per week vs mobile devices hitting hundreds on average. Even accounting for app usage being higher than web browser hits on mobile devices, the preponderance of heavy web use is still on PCs.
    Woned B. Fooldagan