Shanghai wants to be global robotics hub by 2020

Shanghai wants to be global robotics hub by 2020

Summary: In a move to accelerate its industrial restructuring, the Chinese city hopes to attract investors with talent, property, research and development, as well as HR incentives.


Chinese city Shanghai is aiming to become a global center for robotics development and manufacturing by 2020, as part of a move to accelerate its industrial restructuring, according to China Daily.

"Speeding up the development of high-end technology and equipment such as industrial robots is a must," said Wu Lei, vice-chairman of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, at the 15th China International Industry Fair.

He noted the size of Shanghai's robotics industry will reach 20 billion yuan (US$3.25 billion) in 2015, and reach 60 billion to 80 billion yuan in 2020.

Shanghai is China's largest industrial cluster for robot manufacturers, and currently has a robotics industry worth nearly 10 billion yuan, according to the report. Industrial giant ABB Group has one of its two global manufacturing bases in Shanghai.

In order to achieve the long term vision, Shanghai is setting out to attract more industry leaders, investors, and players across the ecosystem such as key components manufacturers, robotic systems designers and integrated solution providers, said Wu. This will see incentives in investment, land prices, talent attraction, and research and development.

Factories will also be encouraged to adopt the use of high-tech robotics, such as in sectors related to steel, automobile, machinery, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, electronics and food industries. State-owned enterprises will take the lead, he added.


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    The move towards high-end manufacturing (including robotics) is strongest in the developed areas near the coast. These areas are facing the most cost pressure from wages. As a result, the cost differential is not as big as it used to be - but on the other hand, quality has improved by leaps and bounds. Quality control is still essential, but we have successfully sourced highly technical items compliant with precise specifications.

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