Xiaomi sees strong Xiaomi Mi3 sales

Xiaomi sees strong Xiaomi Mi3 sales

Summary: Chinese phone maker sells 100,000 pieces in just 86 seconds following the launch of its latest Tegra 4 smartphone, which is priced at US$327.

Xiaomi Mi3

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has pulled off another successful aggressive marketing bid to push the Mi3, selling 100,000 pieces of its newly launched smartphone in just 86 seconds on October 15, according to a TechWeb report.

Mi3, featuring a Tegra 4 quad-core CPU and 5-inch full-HD screen, sells at 1,999 yuan (US$327). Since it was first introduced by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun on September 5, Mi3 has been considered the model with the highest capacity-price ratio in the market.

However, most customers had to approach scalpers for a unit, some of whom even claimed they could buy and deliver the Mi3 on October 15 as long as consumers were willing to pay an additional 1,000 yuan (US$164) for it. Most of the scalpers wouldn't reveal where they got the phone, while some said they raised the price because they had to hire people to do the ordering, according to a Beijing Business report.

The aggressive marketing strategy appears to have paid off for Xiaomi, a startup founded in 2010 by Lei Jun who is also CEO of Kingsoft, a company that develops antivirus, word processing, and translating software.

Xiaomi's Mi series not only has kept abreast with top smartphone makers in terms of hardware, the Chinese manufacturer also develops its own Android-based system, MIUI, which has over 20 million users. Last month, it also launched its own smart TV. 

As of June 31, 2013, Xiaomi has sold more than 7 million phones worldwide and recorded a half-year revenue of 13.3 billion yuan (US$2.2 billion), according to a PCPOP report in July.

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  • Xiaomi may have deveoped its own UI

    but that UI looks rather a lot like iOS.
    • Who copied who?

      MIUI V5 was released ages ago... I wonder who was doing the copying then.

      • What are you talking about?

        This UI was apparently released on 1 March, 2013. The Apple UI was released years ago.
        • I am talking about this...

          And IOS 7 was released on 20 Sept 2013.

          MIUI v5 is fully customisable with themes and widgets. You can change the look of your phone with thousands of downloadable themes & widgets. With IOS7 you have your flat look and that is it. You cannot even downgrade back to IOS 6 if you don't like it. Not everything with a small grid of square icons is like IOS you know.

          Google MIUI themes and then tell me how MIUI is like IOS.
          • Look at the icons and their design

            the camera app, call app, settings app - almost straight copies of iOS. And the overall look is exactly like that of iOS.
          • That was exactly my point.

            MIUI 5 was released in March 2013 but IOS 7 only came out in Sept 2013. Had IOS 7 not changed its icons to look flatter, those 3 app icons would not look like exact copies of MIUI's. It does beg the question, who copied who? In any case, we are talking about 3 icons out of many hundreds.

            If you spend a few minutes to look at the many themes that are available for MIUI, you will realise that facelift that Apple has given IOS in version 7 is not that revolutionary. It has been done by many themes on MIUI way before Apple has even thought of it. Apart from the bottom 3 rows of icons, the MIUI home page looks nothing like IOS's. It has a clock & weather widget for starters. But best of all, it's fully customisable. You can replace every element of it with different widgets, tiles or icons of a different styles. You can make it looks exactly like iphone or even a windows phone if you so wish. Can you do that with IOS?

            The default look on MIUI may have 3 rows of icons that look a bit like IOS, but can you increase the number of icons in each row in IOS ? Can you replace the icons with widgets to display news or other useful info? No. On MIUI you can. In fact in MIUI, you can change the look & feel of almost anything from your icons and widgets, to your lockscreens & notifications center, etc. by just applying one of the many hundreds of themes. You can even mix and match different elements of different themes to get the exact look that you want. This flexibility might not appeal to some but it does appeal to millions of others.

            Don't knock this company, if they can bring their phones out of China for similar prices, we as consumers, will all benefit. Prices for phones will have to come down. $408 for a phone with 5'' full HD screen, 64GB memory, one of the fastest processors on the market & 2GB ram built inside a magnesium alloy uniform body is unbeatable to me. Compare that with $849 (non-contract) for a 64GB iphone with a tiny 4 in screen that isn't even HD & 1GB ram and you can see why in 3 short years, Xiaomi are now selling more phones in China than Apple especially when the iphone prices in China are even higher than they are in the US.

            Apple was ahead a few years back with IOS. But they are way behind now and I can't wait to get rid of my iphone 4 which has been ruined by the IOS 7 upgrade. It has made it so slow.
  • That was a blatant copy of the Nokia Lumia 920

    Without the camera button, and the top of the phone
  • Xiaomi Mi3 is available now

    It is hard to get the Xiaomi Mi3 in the official site,but can get it on other online site,like the maomaomall.com,see the price only $345 with paypal,and support the DHL.

      Hi everybody,

      This shop is a fraud and a scam.

      I personally tried twice to buy a Xiaomi Mi3 in his shop since January 2014. Both times they return my money back via Paypal. According to them, due to lack of stock. That would look more or less right, yet they have never stop sending email messages to all his registered clients since the start with "Hey, buy now the Xiaomi Mi3, we have stock now!". I lost the count, it's been 5 or 6 times and it's always a lie. I believe they want you to be forced to pay via other unprotected payment options, like Western Union.

      Nevertheless, as everything was very suspicious, and as a way to try out the shop, I made 3 orders. With three different client accounts (to three different family and business addresses), in three different times, and of three different small cheap accessories they also sell in his shop. I paid the 3 orders (