Collaboration service adds Office 2013 connectors

Collaboration service adds Office 2013 connectors

Summary: Mavenlink is teaming up with Microsoft to create software that links its cloud workflow and communications service with applications including Word, Excel or PowerPoint.


Mavenlink, an ad hoc collaboration platform that I mentioned here in mid-2012, has created an application that extends its services to Office 2013 applications.

For the layperson, that means your employees will be able to collaborate with other team members or update projects from within Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

So for, example, someone could comment publicly on an Office document, post messages to a Mavenlink project or track time spent on a task from within their Office 2013 applications.

The integration is made possible by a new Mavenlink app for Office. The catch is that it only works with the new Office 2013, so you'll need to be current on the suite to use it within your small business.

Mavenlink is used by approximately 500,000 project-based businesses such as marketing or IT companies, or achitectural, engineering and construction firms.


Topic: SMBs

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