Commission of Audit says sell off Australia Post and NBN

Commission of Audit says sell off Australia Post and NBN

Summary: The Report of the Australian National Commission of Audit has recommended the privatisation of ten federal government bodies, including Australia Post and the National Broadband Network.


The nation's postal service heads a list of government-owned enterprises the national commission of audit says should be privatised.

Others on the sell-off list include the Snowy Hydro, the Royal Australian Mint, and the National Broadband Network (NBN Co).

The commission says significant capital, about AU$13 billion, is locked up in government-owned bodies.

While the states had been busy selling-off some of their assets, especially electricity generators, the issue of privatisation had been largely dormant at the federal level, it said.

The commission cites a rapid decline in letter volumes as one of the reasons for not needing Australia Post to be held in public hands.

It recommends the corporation be sold-off after 2016, three years after the UK went down the same path with Royal Mail.

The commission did not nominate a specific timetable for privatising NBN Co, but it did note provisions were already in place.

In the short term (2014-2016), it wants to see Snowy Hydro, Australian Hearing Services, Defence Housing, and the Australian Submarine Corporation sold.

After 2016, it has listed the Australian Track Corporation, Moorebank Intermodal Company, and the mint.

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  • The lunatic's have taken over the farm

    This is simple madness. Every single one of these services are run by the Government due to the private sector could not or would not provide the same level of service at the same cost as the government could. Lets take Australia Post, to base an argument just on the rapid decline in letter volumes is such a simplistic metric it is laughable. Australia Post plays a far larger role in the community than simply passing letters from here to their.

    The first thing any Liberal mate buying Aust Post would do is carve it up and decimate it's services. Do you really think a Private sector raider would keep a post office open in a town of 400 people where no other courier company would even go, no I didn't think so.

    Outside of the capital cities Australia Post provides almost all of the banking services, access to both federal and state services, such a passports etc all of that would be lost.

    To add to this foolishness the Liberals would add another 20 or 30 thousand heads to their unemployment trophy wall that they seem to be ultra proud of.

    Remember every single one of the GOC's in this story Generate Revenue for the Government. What this report is saying if you owe money on your car then sell the engine.

    Finally the intellectual giants who came up with this said that the whole lot is only worth $13billion well if Liberals scrapped their Paid Parent Leave Scheme for High income earners and didn't buy a heap of Boy's Toys for the Air Force they would save double that amount in one hit.

    I don't understand why they put the NBN in this list also as the Liberals have Gutted it and it is worthless to Australia now. And we all have seen how well the private sector provides communication infrastructure, like the dual HFC systems that are not compatible, the massive duplication of 3/4 G mobile infrastructure, the lack of maintenance of current system's so and so on.

    As I said the lunatic's have taken over the farm.
    Wild Wombat
  • Government sell off's are needed.

    Sell Parliament House, then sell the politicians into slavery.
    Kevin Cobley
    • Good Start

      Follow up with their advisors and staff, however let us not be too cruel separating them from their families and loved ones, sell them off as family package deals
      Abel Adamski
    • And replace them with whom?

      At least you Aussies have a monarch.
      John L. Ries
      • Easy

        Members of the actors Guild, couldn't do any worse.
        Abel Adamski
      • Replace them with...

        …anyone who doesn't want to be a politician. Make it a lotto, make it a year or two at max and apply that to the departmental secretaries and other major players.
        The Guv