Competition: Name Telstra's Hawaii cable

Competition: Name Telstra's Hawaii cable

Summary: Telstra today launched a competition to name its new 9,000km undersea fibre-optic communications cable running to Hawaii.

TOPICS: Telcos, Telstra

Telstra today launched a competition to name its new 9,000km undersea fibre-optic communications cable running to Hawaii.

Telstra's fibre-optic cable
(Credit: Alex Serpo/

The carrier is offering up a prepaid mobile phone and a $100 wireless broadband kit prize to the most creative and fitting name offered up for the fibre optic cable that now connects Sydney to the United States via Hawaii.

The installation is the longest single span cable out of Australia, and can handle a maximum of 1.28 terabytes per second of capacity from Australia to the US.

According to Telstra, some 65 per cent of traffic Australians source comes from North America. With the cable operational, Telstra says its customers should already have noticed an increase in network performance.

Entry forms for the naming competition are available on Telstra's Now We Are Talking website.

What do you think Telstra's new cable should be named? Alternatively, have you noticed an improvement in Telstra's internet services? Drop us a line or post your comments below this article.

Topics: Telcos, Telstra

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  • ADL2S+

    How about ADL2S+?

    A Direct Line 2 Sol

    Would help other Telstra executves stay in touch with him.
  • Talking of Sol

    Why not 'Speedy Gonzales'?
  • Teloha

    Combination of Telstra (or Telecommunications) and Aloha, the Hawaiian word for hello (hello is communication and relevant to things like the TCP handshake).
  • lay a cable

    "the monopolizer" is fitting.
  • TURDcable

    Telstra Undersea Remote Deployment cable.

    Also a fitting description of Telstra. ;-)
  • Well done Brett

    Throw a bunch of dogs a bone and they will bite. This was sure to bring out the w@nkers that have nothing of value to add to any discussion.
  • Who we should really be thanking

    I think the credit for this cable equally belongs to the cable manufacturer. Anyone can set sail and lay a cable from A to B but making it is a different story. To the matter at hand, why didn't Telstra dream up a name for the link when the project was conceived? Is their board of directors, despite some of whom being quite highly qualified people, simply unable to take care of the simplest tasks?
  • What did you expect?

    Telstra asking for public comments on anything that they do.. what sort of comments did you expect?
  • The Water Gateway

    Where Scadnal and the Internet meets:

    Hate to be the poor bugger sent out to repair it when there is a line break.

    @ The anonymous guy calling everyone W@nkers: And you added what to the discussion? Stop being such a Tesltra Fanboy!
  • project bannana!

    or bannana peels, remeber when this cable all goes to shi*, you can just put that bannana in your ear, cause its hard to hear the gloom of the world when in your ear a bannana cheers!
  • project porpise

    there once was a horse of course of course
    and nobody could talk to the horse of course
    and thats of course unless the horse is the famous mister ed
  • yeh

    telestra stands for telecom not Telecommunications
  • The state of the internet providers in NZ

    I am actually coming over to NZ to lve in a few weeks - as a System's Analyst in Hamilton - and very nearly didn't when I saw how appalling the internet speeds are in NZ - even in the capital !?!?!

    At present I live in Grenoble, France 1000 metres above sea level and have a 100mbps fibre connection, unlimited, with free international and local calls - and pay les than 50nzd per month.

    Now, the French have never been known as early adopters of technology - so how can it be so different in NZ when there are far fewer geographical limitations causing speed drops ?

    I think someone needs to demand answers before the 'big boys' from overseas arrive and kill off the NZ telecoms network, and the jobs etc...

    Can't believe you still think 512k is fast ???

    Was using that in London in 2002, what's going on ? I hadn't envisaged paying 300nzd per month for a 120g capped connection and still pay for the phone !!!