Computer glitch halts Tokyo trading

Computer glitch halts Tokyo trading

Summary: System error in Japanese Stock Exchange, the second glitch in seven months, a result of backup systems failure and halted derivatives trading.


The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) experienced a computer error which halted derivatives trading for 95 minutes on Tuesday, marking its second glitch in seven months. 

The system failure lasted from 9:20am to 10:55am local time and was due to a failure in its backup systems, similar to the glitch in Feburary, Hiroaki Uji, director of trading systems at TSE, told Bloomberg. The Feb. 2 glitch had been its biggest disruption in six years, halting trading for 3.5 hours in some of the country's biggest companies, according to a seperate report by the newswire.

The error this week had taken place in the system used for derivatives at the bourse, and not Arrowhead--which handles cash equity transactions and was the cause of the Feb. 2 failure, said Hiroki Kawai, director of IT planning and corporate strategy at TSE, at a press briefing in Tokyo on Tuesday night, according to Bloomberg.

A switch that was supposed to automatically activate the backup system did not work, similar to the crash in February, but the exact nature of the first problem or its cause remains unknown, Kawai admitted.

The TSE outage comes a week after Knight Capital Group had been taken to the brink of bankruptcy when a software upgrade to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) last week triggered a US$440 million loss. A software glitch on Nasdaq in May also delayed Facebook's public listing debut and affected transactions.

Earlier in February, Kuala Lumpur-based stock exchange Bursa Malaysia suffered a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) to its Web site at the end of trading time on Feb. 13, resulting in users experiencing intermittant access to its site.



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  • that was about as vague a post as I've read in quite some time

    What equipment (company/equipment - software) failed? Don't send tease posts, they are meaningless. They are no more useful than the TV news when they break into a scheduled broadcast with; "huge traffic backup in Boston (Ho-Hum - when is there NOT heavy traffic backup in ANY metropolitan area?), film at 11". Absolutely no substance or facts, just a talking bobble-head with nearly zero actual news. Don't circulate this kind of stuff without verified data and some who, what, when, why, how; you are just taking up space.
    • Follow the links

      "The initial error took place somewhere in the Tdex+ system used for derivatives at the bourse, not Arrowhead that handles cash equity transactions, Hiroki Kawai, director of information technology planning and corporate strategy at TSE, said. The exact nature of the first problem or its cause were still unknown, he said at a 7:45 p.m. press briefing yesterday in Tokyo. A switch that was supposed to automatically activate backup systems didn’t work. A failure of backups was blamed for the February crash as well. " - from the Bloomberg link in the post.
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  • In related news
    "Red Hat Enterprise Linux was selected by Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) as the standard operating platform"

    And soon after, 2 crashes took the system down.

    So where is SJVN's article blaming the OS for this?
    • Kudos Red Hat

      Wow!! Empty Claim....
  • TSE and recent disruptions

    I suspect as of old failover is planned on paper but never tested.
    Many years ago a bank customer was in that same situation due to the engineer not running diagnostics after changing a part.
    There was no blame attached as they said it taught them a lesson when against all they thought, failover did not work.
    Another issue is how much pressure IT shops are under to cut their spending.

    I know of one instance when a CEO asked IT if they were a computer company or an airline.

    The hardware may be fully functional but there can be software glitches, man I have seen in my career that have brought operations to their knees.
  • Chinese hackers

    You say there was a glitch, huh? Ain't that interesting.
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  • backup / Sustain

    not able to understand how backup system has affected transactional system !!! mahender
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