Computex 2010's display of robots, 3D tech and tablets

Computex 2010's display of robots, 3D tech and tablets

Summary: At the 30th anniversary of the trade show event, exhibitors are showing off everything from 3D technology and OLED tablet prototypes

TOPICS: Emerging Tech

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  • The Aiwi is an innovative control mechanism that allows you to use the iPhone and iPod Touch as a Wii-like controller for PC. No word on supported games as yet. It conveniently and sensibly comes with a rubber case.

    Photo credit: Ty Pendlebury

  • Antec's new e-book reader, the LumiRead L600, features a 6-inch display, 3G connectivity and 2GB of on-board memory, plus expandability.

    Photo credit: Ty Pendlebury

  • Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man's favourite 'case' from the Gigabyte stand.

    Photo credit: Ty Pendlebury

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Topic: Emerging Tech

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