Conroy asked if using carrier pigeons

Conroy asked if using carrier pigeons

Summary: The Australian opposition has asked Communications Minister Stephen Conroy whether he is using carrier pigeons to seek updated information about connections from the company building the National Broadband Network.

TOPICS: NBN, Government AU

During Senate question time on Wednesday, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy faced a second day of grilling on whether NBN Co will achieve its June 30 target of exceeding connections to 286,000 existing homes on the National Broadband Network (NBN).

There's speculation that NBN Co will soon downgrade that target, because only 140,000 connections may be completed by that date. If correct, it will be the third change to the target.

Liberal Senator Simon Birmingham asked Senator Conroy whether he is using "carrier pigeons" to get the latest updates from NBN Co.

Senator Conroy said there have been "workforce mobilisation issues" in Western Australia, South Australia, and the Northern Territory.

He said NBN Co has taken control of construction of the NBN in the NT, because contractor Syntheo, a joint venture between Service Stream and Lend Lease, has failed to meet rollout targets.

Senator Conroy said the information about the connections is detailed and complex, and involves multiple construction partners.

"It's not simply a question of NBN Co pushing a button," he said.

Conroy said 40,000 Australians are using the NBN.

Topics: NBN, Government AU

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  • How apt...

    Sen Birmingham mentioning carrier pigeons.

    Considering that's about as good as we can expect if/when his party are elected :(
    • Indeed RS but surely you must realise the real reason why these delays make the coalition clowns sweat bullets. Contracts have been signed after all but should they win the election they'll have to make some hard decisions else they will look rather foolish (inevitable really). More FttP rolled out actually means less work for them when it comes to their substandard FttN patchwork mess, and we all know how much the coalition and their apologists are allergic to hard work.
      Hubert Cumberdale
  • Wasn't that Turnbull's coalition policy of the day a week ago?

    Not that it was original of him.
    • Turnbull's Latest News

      In his address to the National Press Club in January this year, Tony Abbott asserted that ‘We [the Coalition] are committed to super high speed broadband that’s affordable for everyone and built sooner rather than later… Our plan will deliver superfast broadband for a fraction of the price and in a fraction of the time required to deliver fibre to the front door’

      Apparently they're intent on splitting their NBN roll-out into metro & rural divisions as follows:
      Metro gets tin cans & string.
      Rest of OZ gets carrier pigeons.
      Job Done!