Conroy's kid safety red button cost $136K

Conroy's kid safety red button cost $136K

Summary: Documents have revealed that the software-based anti-bullying panic button launched by the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy in June this year cost $136,000, not the $73,000 originally announced.


Documents have revealed that the software-based anti-bullying panic button launched by the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy in June this year cost $136,000, not the $73,000 originally announced.

Conroy's big red button

Stephen Conroy (Credit: Sony)

In June this year, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy launched the red-coloured Adobe Air software-based button developed by Saltbush Development at the Cyber-Safety and Youth Advisory Summit in Canberra.

The button is designed to sit either in the computer's taskbar or stay permanently on the desktop. If a child is being bullied or facing other problems online, they can click the button and would be directed to a website that shows them what they can do. The website would explain, for example, how to report issues to Facebook or how to report something to the police.

In July the department revealed to ZDNet Australia that the cost of the button was $73,000. However, in amongst the listing of funding for cyber-safety initiatives including Labor's controversial mandatory internet filtering program, the department revealed the true cost of the button to be much higher than the department had initially announced.

"An additional $136,000 was allocated in 2010 to develop a Cyber-safety Help Button," the department said.

The department chose Adobe Air as the platform so that the button would operate for both Windows and Mac users.

"The department's objective is to design the button so that it can operate for most versions of both Apple Mac and Microsoft," it said at the time. "It is currently being tested for a range of versions of both products."

The button was met with heavy ridicule by people on Twitter and broadband enthusiast site Whirlpool at the time of the announcement, with some users changing their default picture to that of a big red button.

The cyber-safety button can be downloaded from the department's website.

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  • So Conroy's department can't manage a $73K project? Can't wait to see what happens with his multi billion dollar projects.
  • For a link. A floating link. Unbelievable.
  • You have got to be kidding, that is a lot of money for a hyperlink. And using Adobe Air to go cross platform - ITS A DAMN LINK! This is scary stuff. Im not sure what action can be taken against such a frivolous waste of my money by govt. My company could implement this solution for $300, actually I would do it for free. What a joke!
  • What a retarded idea, back in my day we had a solution for "bullies" is was called having a spine, these kids dont need a magical red colored button on their computers they just need to HTFU.
    Hubert Cumberdale
  • Wow. How did I miss this being such a massive fail the first time round? And no I find out a project already bloated by $72,900 became bloated by $135,900. I mean cmon, it doesn't cost that much to make it cross compatible: It's called not being mentalled retarded, using a proper language and instead using a cross-compiler!

    Here's a FREE software for any parent that thinks a "cry" site will help. (Windows instructions): Right click the desktop, select "New -> Shortcut", type in the URL of this stupid site, hit next, name it Bully Button and hit finish. If you desperately need it to be big and red, open the shortcuts properties and change the icon.

    DONE, I just saved the tax payers $136,000. I MEAN COME ON.

    I'm sure someone out here will happily write some instructions for Mac users (and Linux... which is apparently not compatable?)
  • The Cowboy will tell us it was good value.

    He does no wrong, just ask him.
  • Well mate, get ready for some horrendous figures and surprises from the Conroy crap that is sure to come to pass in the very near future. This guy is bloody crazy !!!