Control your office door lock from cloud, smartphone

Control your office door lock from cloud, smartphone

Summary: If you forget to lock up when you leave or don't want to leave keys behind, SimpliciKey can help.


And now, for something a little different. I'm reading about a consumer gadget that strays outside the realm of information technology but should have a certain to appeal for small-business owners who often find themselves carrying around a lot of stuff or who that have employees who can't always be trusted to remember their keys.

SimpliciKey has developed a remote control electronic deadbolt that allows individuals to unlock their door without actually being present, using a cloud service that can be controlled with a Web interface or through a mobile app. You can also use a keyfob to control the lock if you're nearby, within a range of about 50 feet.

It also works in reverse: if you forget to lock up the office when you leave or don't want to leave keys behind.

The SimpliciKey product was designed to replace existing deadbolts within about 30 minutes; it comes in nickel, polished brass and aged bronze finishes. It costs about $250 on the company's Web site, but can also be bought in places such as Home Depot or Costco. 

The cloud service, called KeyCloud, won't actually be live until the October 2013 timeframe, so for now you'll have to use the keyfob. But the cloud app will be compatible with both Android smartphones and Apple iPhones. Aside from allow you to unlock or lock the deadbolt, you can assign certain codes to different individuals (so you can tell who is coming or going) and keep tabs on the status of locks.

Topic: SMBs

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  • how

    massively stupid does a person have to be to use something like this? You can't keep people from hacking banks and governments, but someone thinks this will be safe. ROFLMAO.
    • Agree 100%

      This only sounds cool .... in the mind of a a person completely oblivious to reality.
  • yeah cause you can't hack a mechanical lock can you?

    This is not in itself necessarily more or less secure.

    If done right an electronic lock is more secure than a mechanical lock.

    If done badly it is dangerous.

    Worry if someone hacks your lock from other side of the world? Cause they'll walk in? Nah!

    Sounds cool? why do people talk about coolness at all? Is that what you care about?

    This sounds much better to me than losing my key or carrying a set of keys even. Always wanted a decent electronic lock but they are currently expensive.

    Most biometric locks are easy to pick - only because they have a key mechanism as a backup - which takes 30 seconds. The electronic part is more secure.

    If this system is coded properly it should be more secure than a lock barrel as well as no keys to cut and to lose.