Control your touchscreen devices in the cold with gloves

Control your touchscreen devices in the cold with gloves

Summary: The problem with capacitive touchscreen devices is that you need a bare finger to use them. released touchscreen gloves that have silver threading in the design to provide you with capacitive functionality with gloves.


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  • Two pairs of touchscreen gloves

    I have a Nokia Lumia 920 and am able to use it with my light winter gloves, but my other phones do not have this special glove friendly display and are useful only with a bare hand. As winter weather continues around the world, it may be time for you to check out some touchscreen gloves. The folks at sent along a couple of pairs for me to check out and I have been using them for the last couple of weeks.

    The sent along a pair of their standard gloves and the "cozy" model that has a bit thicker and warmer interior. These two models look the same on the outside and there is no distinguishing label on the outside. I turned the opening inside out to see which one had more padding and as you can see in my image gallery you can visually tell the difference.

    The gloves are one-size-fits all. I let my wife try them out and they fit her perfectly. They also fit my medium to large hands well, but are a bit short on the wrist. I don't like to wear gloves that are too big and bulky so the ones are just about perfect for driving and getting out and about around town.

    I tried some other touchscreen gloves before, but the threads inside were a bit uncomfortable. I have also seen the gloves with touch sensitive areas just on select fingers and those type limit how you use and interact with your device. The gloves are quite comfortable and offer a reasonable level of warmth. They look great in black with white threads. The silver threads are integrated throughout the gloves so they are touch sensitive everywhere, just like your bare hand.

    One feature that the folks talk about are the two magnets in the cuff of the gloves designed to hold them together. They call it MagLove technology and while the idea is sound, the magnets are not that strong and I only found them helpful for keeping the gloves together in my bag. My wife put them in her purse and they separated every time.

    The gloves work as advertised and I was able to manipulate every smartphone and tablet I tested with the gloves. It was great to use my devices with gloves on outside as I capture images in the colder weather and answer calls without taking off my gloves. The gloves are available for $25 per pair. There is also a 15% offer button on their purchase page if you Tweet out that your are purchasing a pair of gloves.

  • Retail glove labels. Note the word Cozy on the left pair of gloves.

  • MagLove magnets sort of hold the gloves together

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  • an article about touch compatible gloves?

    what is this, 2008?
  • Glove for Nokia

    Wearing glove for iPhone is as sick as it can get. Get a Nokia Lumia 920!
    • I agree!

      The 920 rocks!