Cool tech announcements this year: 2013 in Review

Cool tech announcements this year: 2013 in Review

Summary: From super strength exoskeletons to massive neural networks, we have seen a bunch of awesome - and odd technology announcements this year.


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  • Google Glass

    Google Glass is a wearable computer that will enhance your life / invade your privacy / get you thrown out of restaurants / need charging often / make you cool.  

    With videos, photos, maps, directions, search, email and Path it promises to become the indispensable accessory for savvy geeks.  

    Image: Coming More

  • Vehicle invisibility cloak

    Mercedes-Benz has created an invisibility cloak for a car. This technology uses flexible LED mats which reproduces the background image of the car’s surroundings.

    There is a camera mounted on the opposite side of the car. The image that is recorded is transmitted to the LED panel which displays the background whilst the car moves.

    Image: Film Industry Network

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  • Google glasses

    Anything that makes you look like an idiot can't be cool.

    Cool is about being relaxed, in control of yourself and what surrounds you. Google glasses, in a normal situation makes you look like a overhyped information freaking manic.