Cover your iPhone 5s in wood with the Truffol Signature Nature case (Gallery)

Cover your iPhone 5s in wood with the Truffol Signature Nature case (Gallery)

Summary: It sounds like people are getting bored with plastic cases and wood is generating a lot of interest. Truffol now has a line of high end iPhone cases that are very attractive and reasonably priced.


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  • Truffol retail package

    The wooden backs of the Moto X have generated quite a bit of enthusiasm so I was very interested in trying out the new Truffol Signature Nature bamboo case for the iPhone 5s, especially after trying out their Signature Minimalist and Classic cases last summer.

    The Signature Nature case line includes silver and bamboo, silver and cherry, navy and walnut, black and bamboo, and gray and walnut. I was sent a silver and bamboo case to test with my white Apple iPhone 5s. All variations are available for $60 with the black and bamboo one priced at $65.

    The retail package includes two attractive green boxes, one contains the front silver frame piece and the other the bamboo back piece. You will also find a screen protector and a headset adapter in the boxes. The headset adapter may be needed for your earphones due to the bottom thickness and opening size of the silver frame piece.

    Like the last Truffol case I reviewed, there is a small metal piece that you fit into the frame piece before inserting your iPhone that controls the ringer switch. Be careful not to lose this small piece as you unbox the case.

    To assemble the case, insert the ringer switch piece into the frame, place your iPhone 5/5s into the front frame piece, place the bamboo back piece on top of the front frame piece, and then slide the bamboo back down to lock it into place. You will find six small black hook pieces on the back cover that secure the back to the front frame piece.

    One thing that makes the Truffol case feel high end is the way they modeled the Apple beveled metal edge around the front of the frame. The frame has shiny beveled edges around the outside, as well as along the inside around the display.

    There is some black plastic material lining the inside of the metal frame to protect your iPhone. I like that the corners have thicker metal since dropping your iPhone on the corner can have disastrous impacts and this design should help if you drop your iPhone. Don't try a drop test though as that is not stated in any of their design materials.

    You will find the inner side of the bamboo back lined in black metal that extends out to the six hook pieces. This black metal piece is actually embedded into the bamboo back. The bamboo is fairly light and looks fantastic. I am enjoying the look of the bamboo and think it is probably the best Nature series case for the white iPhone.

    One issue I have with the case is that my Lightning adapters placed on my older microUSB cables and the Scosche StrikeLine Pro cable won't fit into the opening on the metal frame piece of the case. The Lightning cables that come with my iPhone and iPad work just fine, but you may have issues with third party cables and adapters.

    If you are looking for a wood case for your iPhone 5/5s, the Truffol Signature Nature series is a good alternative at a reasonable price. The case looks fantastic, locks securely into place, adds some corner drop protection, fully protect the back, and doesn't add much bulk to the iPhone.

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  • Retail package contents include a screen protector and headphone adapter

  • Inner side of the bamboo back piece

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  • Volume switch

    I have an iPhone 5s but it has the traditional two round buttons with + and - for the volume controls; yet in these pics, it appears the device has a rocker switch. Are UK vs USA iPhones different?
  • Great product

    I usually encountered cases mostly are made from plastic and rubber, some are made in synthetic leather or the combination of the two but this one is unique. A protective case made from wood. What a great creative idea. I will surely buy one. If you don't have iPhone 5s yet, I am inviting you to join our giveaway. Find out here:
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