Cover your iPhone 5s in wood with the Truffol Signature Nature case (Gallery)

Cover your iPhone 5s in wood with the Truffol Signature Nature case (Gallery)

Summary: It sounds like people are getting bored with plastic cases and wood is generating a lot of interest. Truffol now has a line of high end iPhone cases that are very attractive and reasonably priced.


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  • Retail package contents include a screen protector and headphone adapter

  • Inner side of the bamboo back piece

  • Left side of the metal front frame

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  • Volume switch

    I have an iPhone 5s but it has the traditional two round buttons with + and - for the volume controls; yet in these pics, it appears the device has a rocker switch. Are UK vs USA iPhones different?
  • Great product

    I usually encountered cases mostly are made from plastic and rubber, some are made in synthetic leather or the combination of the two but this one is unique. A protective case made from wood. What a great creative idea. I will surely buy one. If you don't have iPhone 5s yet, I am inviting you to join our giveaway. Find out here:
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