Cricket offers a competitive carrier option with the HTC One SV (review)

Cricket offers a competitive carrier option with the HTC One SV (review)

Summary: HTC continues to make solidly designed smartphones and the new One SV on Cricket is awesome. I love the orange color and compelling service options from Cricket.


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  • HTC One SV retail box for Cricket

    It seems that more and more people are starting to look at alternatives to the four major US wireless carriers as wireless costs continue to rise. In the past, you had to settle for pretty basic phones, but that is changing as more modern smartphones are becoming available and the services offered are quite attractive. Many of these regional carriers and MVNOs now offer options with no contract, no activation fees, and nationwide coverage. I was recently sent the new HTC One SV from Cricket that even supports LTE data.

    I did not get to test out LTE on the One SV since LTE is currently only available a few select cities, including Las Vegas, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and more. Cricket uses Sprint's network so that is the major carrier network to think about as you consider going with a less expensive and more user-friendly regional carrier.

    Hardware: HTC One SV

    I continue to be a fan of HTC hardware and wish more people would see the brilliance of their hardware designs. As a fan of the color orange, the HTC One SV is one of the most attractive phones I have used in a while with cool orange coloring of the front capacitive buttons, orange highlights in the headset speaker, an orange frame, and a removable orange back. It has a solid feel in the hand thanks to the solid glass front, metallic frame, and full soft touch back panel.

    Specifications of the HTC One SV include:

    • Qualcomm 1.2 GHz dual core processor
    • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with HTC Sense 4
    • 4.3 inch Super LCD 2 800x480 pixels display with Gorilla Glass
    • 1GB RAM and 8GB integrated storage with microSD card slot
    • 5 megapixel camera with ImageChip
    • 1.6 megapixel front facing camera
    • Beats Audio
    • Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX
    • WiFi, AGPS, NFC
    • 1,800 mAh removable battery

    Cricket will be selling the One SV for $349.99 on 16 January. This is the full retail, no-contract price and if you compare that to other unsubsidized prices this is reasonable for a device of this quality. It doesn't have the latest processor and operating system, but is more than capable for typical smartphone users. I am a fan of HTC's Super LCD 2 display and even though this one isn't the highest resolution display, it still looks great.

    The HTC One SV comes in cool eco-friendly packaging that includes the USB cable and A/C charger, along with a Getting Started guide and Muve Music user guide.

  • Back of the HTC One SV retail package

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