Cricket offers a competitive carrier option with the HTC One SV (review)

Cricket offers a competitive carrier option with the HTC One SV (review)

Summary: HTC continues to make solidly designed smartphones and the new One SV on Cricket is awesome. I love the orange color and compelling service options from Cricket.


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  • Back of this HTC lineup

    See how colorful these smartphones are today.

  • microSD and LTE SIM are provided

    See how colorful these smartphones are today.

  • HTC Sense 4


    The HTC One SV comes loaded with Android 4.0 with HTC Sense 4. HTC Sense 4 includes the slick home screen panels and widgets, along with HTC optimized apps and software. HTC's camera software is solid with LOTS of options to help make your photos as good as they can be for a 5 megapixel shooter. You can record at 1080p resolution too. Movie Studio video editing software is included as well.

    There are a few Cricket apps and services loaded on the One SV, including Cricket Navigator ($5/month navigation software), Cricket411, My Account, Cricket Browser (a shortcut to a Cricket-focused page in the browser), and Muve Music. Muve Music is a service available to Cricket customers where unlimited song downloads are included with your monthly payment. The application is touch friendly and optimized for mobile phones. Given the Beats Audio support in the HTC One SV, music is a good focus for this device.

    I missed not having Google Now on the device and am not sure when, or if, a Jelly Bean update will be coming to this device. The software is snappy and I was pleased with the One SV.

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