Curiosity spotted on Mars and more space exploration (photos)

Curiosity spotted on Mars and more space exploration (photos)

Summary: Here's an update on the journey of the newest Martian inhabitant, the rover Curiosity, including a photo of it from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Plus, more space shots.

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  • This view of Curiosity's trail shows one of the wheels that left an imprint within the tracks. It's used to help measure distances traveled on the planet.

    What are the marks? Morse code for JPL, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which built the rover and manages its stay there.

    Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona

  • Here is a look at some of the instruments that Curiosity plans to use.

    Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

  • In other space news the Dawn spacecraft has completed its year at the asteroid Vesta and is on its way to the dwarf planet Ceres where it will arrive in early 2015.

    Credit: NASA

Topic: Nasa / Space

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  • Amazing

    I'm so grateful to having lived from watching redstone rockets explode on the launch pad to this.

    In other news: apparently the Mars rover, upon landing, killed the last living Martian cat.
    • Very Clever.

      "Curiosity killed the cat."
      William Farrel
  • It's one of Google's omnipresent mapping vans

    Here's another view, this time hitting a deer:

    Come. See. Conquer. Move on.