Cyber Monday 2012: By the numbers

Cyber Monday 2012: By the numbers

Summary: Cyber Monday is finally over, and mobile commerce appears to have come out a big winner.


Now that Cyber Monday is over and the holiday shopping season is well underway, retailers would be wise to pay attention to the biggest e-commerce trends that played out over the weekend.

Lots of stats about digital traffic to online storefronts are flowing in, and while there are a lot of impressive numbers here and there, the big takeaway point is that mobile commerce was on fire this Thanksgiving weekend.

IBM reported early results yesterday, indicating online sales were up by 24.1 percent as of 9:00 AM PST on Cyber Monday 2012 over the same time period on Cyber Monday 2011.

Later that figure was reported to have risen to 30 percent jump in online sales over last year for the entire day, while Adobe said that Cyber Monday sales only grew by 17 percent annually to $1.98 billion.

But more notably, IBM found that the number of consumers using a mobile device to visit a retailer's site was 22.4 percent, with the number of consumers using their mobile device to actually follow through and make a purchase being closer to 12 percent.

According to Braintree, the mobile payment service's customers saw a near 50 percent increase in consumers using their mobile phones to make purchases, with mobile payments increasing to 29 percent of all online purchases.

PriceGrabber's traffic numbers fell largely in line with these results. In reference to how consumers were accessing the online price comparison service, 78.56 percent of site visitors were still doing so via laptops/desktops while 12.92 percent and 8.51 percent visited from smartphones and tablets respectively.

However, the real story is when you compare this to last year. PriceGrabber traffic from smartphone sources increased by 3,230.8 percent, while tablet sources grew by 775.3 percent. Traffic stemming from desktops and laptops dropped by 8.7 percent.

RetailMeNot also saw a big shift towards mobile users -- even just over the weekend as total consumer visits to the coupon site increased by 39 percent between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. But mobile visits increased by more than 150 percent.

These dramatic changes help forecast that we'll see even greater mobile commerce traffic throughout this holiday season and into next year. It also suggests that this is the future of e-commerce as we know it, so retailers better start to develop for this medium -- if they haven't already.

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    When you look at the price comparison and deals sites like you realize that most stores are making it Cyber Week now with the deals and low prices still out there. The trend of more and more online shopping will continue to grow on both mobile platform and PCs as the online tools get better and more customers are realizing that comparing all the stores selling a product gives you better deals than any specific store you visit.