CyberPowerPC joins Bitcoin craze with Mega Miner desktop series

CyberPowerPC joins Bitcoin craze with Mega Miner desktop series

Summary: The latest PCs designed for cryptocurrency mining feature AMD Radeon R9 graphics cards and start at $989.


What's good enough for boutique PC builder iBuyPower is usually good enough for CyberPowerPC -- and vice versa. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that a few weeks after the iBuyPower CoinMine desktops, designed for Bitcoin mining, were released, CyberPower has responded with its new Mega Miner family of PCs, also for cryptocurrency mining.

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The Mt. Gox bitcoin debacle: Bankruptcy filed, customer bitcoin lost

UPDATE: Mt. Gox has closed the bitcoin exchange and filed for bankruptcy in Japan.

The Mega Miner lineup consists of three lines, which can be further customized from their base configurations. All feature AMD Radeon R9 graphics cards, which appear to be the coin mining card of choice. Starting at $989, the Mega Miner 100 comes with an AMD FX-4300 quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive, DVD burner, and a pair of Radeon R9 270X video cards. The next step up is the Mega Miner 200, which offers similar specs except it adds a trio of R9 280X cards instead -- and bumps the price to $1,929. 

For $2,569, the Mega Miner 300 switches to an Intel Core i3-4130 Haswell CPU, doubles the hard drive space, and features a trio of R9 290 graphics boards. It also deals with the heat from those powerful cards with a Corsair liquid-cooling solution -- the 100 and 200 models only include fan-based cooling, though various liquid-cooling kits are available as options. The systems come with Thermaltake DPS power supplies that monitor the electricity usage all of your mining is costing you.

These new PCs, along with other projects like the Dopamine Bitcoin PC case, suggest the continued popularity of cryptocurrency mining, even as troubles like the recent Mt. Gox fiasco dog the nascent industry. Do you use your PC to mine cryptocurrency? Would you buy a new system like the Mega Miner to perform Bitcoin mining? Let us know in the Talkback section below.

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  • Nope

    I think it is just more marketing snake oil. If you need the hardware for other uses such as gaming, fine. Go ahead and buy what you need/want. If you think you can justify the purchase based on successful cryptocurrency mining, I do have a bridge I can sell you.
    • Forget the bridge. I want some swamp land.

      p.s. Don't buy a CyberPowerPC. They're crap. Better to build your own and probably at a lower cost.
      Arm A. Geddon
    • Agreed - FPLA is considerably more effecient than dedicated CPU+GPUs

      FPLA imlementations use 90% less power than CPU+GPUs. In the very near future CCM will be implemented directly onto dedicated hardware for an additional 50% gain in effeciency.

      When FPLA and purpose built hardware designs escape into the wild the market will be flooded with bitcoins and the inevitable currency deflation will result. PCs will get squeezed out of CCM.
  • When will writers get this:

    You can't mine Bitcoin effectively with GPU's anymore!

    Seriously, guys. You need to change your headlines. If you're talking about GPU mining, it's not Bitcoin. Bitcoin GPU mining is DONE. Finito. GPU mining is still find for other alt-coins, most commonly Litecoin, but Bitcoin GPU mining just isn't feasible anymore, and hasn't been since last year when ASIC's were launched.
  • How i easily mine bitcoins for profit

    Hi everyone, this would work for mining BC however i'd have to say there is a much easier cheaper means of mining BC QUICKLY! check it out, i make my living off of this: HERE
  • Bitcoin? Get real, This post belongs in 2012

    Running 24/7, my current bitcoin miner gets 1 bitcoin a month. It runs at 550 Gigahash per second... and is barely cost effective.

    So if this desktop comp advertised runs at 1000 kilohash second per card (which is 1 megahash per second, which is 0.001 giga hash per second) x3 cards = 0.003 GH/s you will be able to mine a bitcoin with this comp in 'never' thanks to the increasing difficulty.

    I didn't think ZD net would resort to using bitcoin to garner some cheap trolling click throughs.
  • Seriously?

    The Bitcoin community from 2010 called and they want to know who leaked their state of the art specs four years later...

    The GH rate has gone from 3 GH/s to 40.8M GH/s in 3.5 years. It will only go UP. The only way to make money at this point is at scale. Megawatt scale. Even going big doesn't guarantee profitable operations because the data centers cannot deal with the heat generated by ASIC rigs. One rig at 2.5 Kw in a 4U space is the equivalent heat footprint of an entire cabinet of 42 U in data center speak. One rig = 1 cabinet. That's $1000 per month in rent, $300 in power, and you still haven't paid anyone or supplied a rig. I dig into more in a series of blog posts - is the latest installment. Heat is the Achilles heel of the entire system.

    Bottom line is even the 28nm rigs shipping over the next 2-4 months are obsolete by October. This is an arms race and mining with a rig like this is bringing a nerf gun to the battlefield.