Dancing with documents

Dancing with documents

Summary: Collaboration, records management, and workflow are just some of the features in current electronic document management software. We examine your options.


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SmartLibrary is built on the Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 and Windows Sharepoint Services document, form and picture libraries to provide document management and workflow. It includes features such as document versioning, approval workflow, check in and check out, document profiling, and publishing with the aim of easy collaboration.

SmartLibrary uses a browser interface and the interface design is quite straight forward. Documents can be viewed as a list or in a Windows Explorer format. It provides an audit trail of actions performed on documents. Information tracked includes the time the action took place, user information, action performed, and the location of the document.

SmartLibrary uses a graphical interface to implement workflow that is quite easy to use. Workflow status is indicated by a colour status or Workflow Key. Workflow statistics are available before, during, and after the particular workflow has completed.

The system provides for serial or parallel approval at the document or folder level as well as progress reporting, reviewer comments and customisable alerts for items such as approval, completed, escalation and so on via e-mail.

SmartLibrary permissions can be can be assigned in a number of ways -- globally (site wide), to individuals or assigned to specific document libraries.

Product SmartLibrary
Price AU$8745
Vendor Nintex
Phone (03) 9606 9222
Web www.nintex.com.au
Built on Microsoft Sharepoint and runs on Windows server 2003.
Futureproofing ½
The feature set is not as extensive as some and the potential to integrate additional features not as extensive either.
Relatively inexpensive but not as feature packed as some of the more expensive competition.
Service ½
12-month warranty, maintenance agreement includes all patches and minor upgrades and support 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
Rating ½
Smart Library
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  • Electronic Document Management

    While your reviews on EDMS options are solid they fail to take in to account the biggest users of these packages in Australia are Engineering biased.

    Most of the packages reviewed I found found to be nearly useless in an Engineering Environment.

    One, named after a bird, can not store more than one electronic file to a profile (essential for storing the native and a image file of the signed original) and can only manage one to one relationships in its database which is not good for correspondence let alone a drawing with say 100 equipment tag numbers to be related to it.

    I suggest you also look at products such as Documentum, Filenet (both the McLaren add-on), ProArc and Assai to name a very few.

    The other issue is that engineering is also moving rapidly away from CAD centric applications to datacentric design tools and your reviews make not mention of the future in this regard. Look at, for example, SmartPlant Foundation and Aveva products.