Darpa crowd-sources anti-submarine tactics

Darpa crowd-sources anti-submarine tactics

Summary: The military agency has posted a simulation game featuring an underwater anti-submarine, in the hopes of gathering data on the best moves to make when hunting enemy vessels

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  • Darpa Actuv game instructions

    The PC game allows players to switch between Actuv and overview viewpoints, and provides all manner of on-screen data to help keep players in pursuit of enemy subs. It also provides detailed mission instructions, accessible at any time, that specify the current goals.

    Darpa began its project to develop the Actuv anti-submarine drone in March 2010. The launch of the game marks the second stage of the four-part project. The program was set up in response to the emergence of modern diesel-electric submarines, which are capable of challenging conventional tracking approaches.

    When work is completed, the Actuv subs will feature "a novel suite of sensors" to help track elusive diesel-electric submarines, the agency said.

    "The program seeks to advance autonomous operations technology with a goal of full compliance with safe navigation requirements while executing its tactical mission under a sparse remote supervisory control model," Darpa said.

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  • Darpa Actuv

    The remote-control Actuv drones are intended to operate under minimal supervision. They will be fitted with autonomous navigation and anti-collision features to ensure they comply with maritime law, according to Darpa.

    The game will help meet the software needs for this by requiring players to respond to unexpected moves by the enemy submarine. It will award points for successful manoeuvres and approaches.

    Top game players will be listed on a public leader board, and Darpa has also set up a forum for people to share tips on how to do well in the simulation.

    Screenshot: Ben Woods

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