Data on your Apple iPad looks great thanks to Panic's Status Board

Data on your Apple iPad looks great thanks to Panic's Status Board

Summary: Looking at data isn't the most flashy thing to do all day, but the team at Panic just launched their Status Board app for the iPad to help improve the experience.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple, iPad, Tablets

I have a full size 3rd generation iPad and enjoy using it primarily for media consumption purposes. With multi-windows support on my Galaxy Note II, I regularly wonder why I can't view more multiple data sources on my iPad. After reading iMore's review of Panic's Status Board, I think I may have to shell out the $9.99 and give this app a try.

Data on your Apple iPad looks great thanks to Panic's Status Board
(Image: Panic)

Status Board looks like the type of boards you might see in a New York train station or large airport where multiple data streams come in and are presented in one area. I understand that the Panic team designed this for their own office management, but then decided to create a version for iPad owners.

You could use an Android tablet and setup widgets on a home screen panel to do something similar, but this is a cleaner and more consolidated application optimized for the experience. You will notice widgets like you see on OS X for time, weather, and calendar, with other data sources supported as well. You can add a clock, weather, calendar, email, Twitter feed, news feeds, and graphs and tables.

Panic even has a slick setup experience with their virtual fold-out setup guide. You drag widgets in and out of the board, and can re-size and re-arrange them as you desire. It is not an inexpensive application, but for those looking for this type of experience, it appears to be well designed.

There are in-app purchases to extend the functionality to TV out and AirPlay displays.

Topics: Mobility, Apple, iPad, Tablets

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  • So basically it's like the Windows 8 start screen

    Only with a bit more information.
    • And...

      ...a significantly more friendly user-interface.
  • Obviously...

    The author of this article has never taken a look at There are literally thousands of home screens that look better than this screen layout, on Android devices. The bonus on android is that you can layout EXACTLY what the user wants/needs on their device, instead of the defaults of this app.

    Don't want to design your own home screen. Check out Buzz Launcher on android for android phones. I change my layout every week with the tap of a button.

    The only thing I give this app is consolidation, because it's all one app, but it's limited.