Datacentre-in-a-box flaws slow deployments

Datacentre-in-a-box flaws slow deployments

Summary: The 'fundamental problems' with the containerised design have kept the market from growing, according to Gartner Research's vice president

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The market for datacentres-in-a-box — previously championed by vendors as the next big thing — is slowly dying in favour of more conventional datacentre deployments, according to Gartner.

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"The belief was that there's a huge market, and that many [users] will start using these containers. What we have found is that the market is nowhere near as big as the vendors thought it was going to be, because of fundamental problems with [the containerised] design," said Rakesh Kumar, vice president of Gartner Research.

Speaking at a datacentre forum in Sydney on Tuesday, Kumar said that the problems include a prohibitive price compared to traditional datacentre deployments and little advantage when it came to speed of deployment.

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Topic: Networking

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