Datameer 3.0 Announced

Datameer 3.0 Announced

Summary: Datameer announces version 3 of its spreadsheet-like user interface tool for Big Data analytics. The new version will feature functionality to automatically detect patterns and relationships in data stored in Hadoop.

TOPICS: Big Data
A clustering alogrithm visualization, part of the Smart Analytics functionality in Datameer 3.0

Datameer announced today the newest version of its product, which this time includes integrated "Smart Analytics" machine-learning capabilities for data stored in Hadoop, accessible with a single click.

The machine-learning algorithms include Clustering, Decision Trees, Column Dependencies and Recommendations. While many data mining/predictive analytics products have utilized similar technology, Datameer is making these data mining algorithms available on a self-service basis.

If this works, it will be a big deal, and may resolve some of the very issues I addressed in my editorial piece "Data Scientists Don't Scale."

Datameer's news comes just days ahead of the Hadoop Summit, taking place in San Jose this Wednesday and Thursday, June 26th and 27th. Perhaps one of Datameer's predictive analytics algorithms was used to determine that today was the best day to make an important announcement, and avoid getting lost in the sea of announcements soon to follow.

Topic: Big Data

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