Date set for Aussie iPhone 4 release

Date set for Aussie iPhone 4 release

Summary: Steve Jobs announced in a press conference overnight that Australia will get the iPhone 4 on 30 July.


Steve Jobs announced in a press conference overnight that Australia will get the iPhone 4 on 30 July.

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Steve Jobs announced 17 additional countries that would get the iPhone 4 on 30 July.
(Credit: Apple)

Jobs announced that the iPhone 4 would go on sale in 17 countries including Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore.

Apple also announced in the press conference that the white iPhone 4 would be released in the US on the same day.

The press conference was designed to address the iPhone 4's signal issues, dubbed "antennagate". Jobs announced a free rubber bumper for the phone to reduce the problems.

Jobs opened the press conference with "We're not perfect. We know that, you know that and phones aren't perfect either, but we want to make all of our users happy. If you don't know that about Apple, you don't know Apple."

"When we fall short, we try harder ... if a user is having a problem, it's our problem," said Jobs.

Apple undertook its own testing to get to the bottom of "antennagate" and performed tests on RIM's Blackberry Bold 9700, the HTC Droid Eris and the Samsung Omnia 2.

Each phone lost signal in the same way the iPhone 4 did when the users had adopted a particular way of holding the phone.

Jobs used the test to defend the iPhone 4's antenna, explicitly pointing out that "most smartphones behave exactly the same way".

Apple also acknowledged that the algorithm it used to calculate bars of signal was incorrect. "The drop looked far more catastrophic than it actually was," Jobs said.

Apple has sold 3 million iPhone 4 phones since its release three weeks ago, according to results from Jobs.

(Front page image credit: Steve Jobs Keynote image by acaben, CC BY-SA 2.0.)

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  • BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Does Australia want a phone with obvious hardware and design flaws!? Oh I suppose the automotons who rush out and queue up at midnight to be the first to get one wont mind but hopefully enough people will!?
    And Apple cares about their clients - BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Battery failures in the first iPhones not covered by warranty, Jobs telling users to just hold the phone properly when the iPhone4 problem was first revealed...Apple have to be bludgeoned into giving the slightest damn about their customers. What a massive joke!
  • Shhhh... 'Don't Upset the Apple-Cult'.

    You know they will come swaggering, arms out-reached, drooling and moaning "I-phone is best. No problems with phone. must have apple. Apple only good. Everything else bad. Apple. Appppple. Appppppple."
  • If you don't really care then why the hell are you here? Get a life.
  • I used to be a PC freak, and hated all things apple. But I am actually beginning to think that based on the two above comments (except for miastermix's) that we are beginning to just apple bash for apple bashing sake.
  • You know what i find funny is the fact that TragicMgaic and edilo managed to find this site and comment. For people who are saying they dont like Apple, you somehow care enough to search for a site like this and comment on it ?
    I agree with miastermix ; Get A Life. (:
  • im gonna get it, if i dont like it i flush it down the toilet i dont care im rich, yeah you negative people should get a life
  • unlocked or not? “If your iPhone 4 is unlocked via jailbreaking, every time Apple releases a new iOS update you’re stuck in limbo. You can’t update via iTunes or you’ll lose your unlock.”But jailbreaking iphone 4 is legal in USA. Maybe, iphone 4 should provide something richer for developers to create for, like ifunia, who declared they are dedicated in creating affordable and easy multimedia software to simplify your Mac life, but not kill them with “iTunes". Then I'll purchase an unlocked with no hesitation.
  • What I find funnier is how people can attack a person for following a simple link in an email from ZDNet (no searching required) and placing a comment on a story! Perhaps that's because you don't have any useful argument to the points I raised!?

    My life is fine - how about yours!? Fingers mangled yet from holding your iPhone4 as per Job's suggestion!?