Datto introduces hybrid disaster recovery solution

Datto introduces hybrid disaster recovery solution

Summary: The product combines local backup and archiving features with a cloud platform that provides off-site redundancy.


Datto, which focuses on enterprise backup and business continuity technology, has introduced a product for small businesses that combines on-site archiving with off-site backup in the cloud.

The solution, called Datto Alto, teams a storage hardware appliance that handles image-based system backup of systems with a cloud backup service that virtualizes applications and servers so that they can be restored from afar if the local system fails or malfunctions. (The service supports bare metal restores, if necessary.)

The technology is targeted at small and midsized businesses (SMBs) in health care, financial services, education, banking, manufacturing, retail, municipal governments, and the legal profession.

Datto declined to disclose pricing for Alto, but a spokesman likened it to the price of a mobile phone contract (one that includes at least one year's commitment). The company, based in Norwalk, Connecticut, collaborates with more than 5,000 managed service providers (MSPs) and VARs, which handle implementation and configuration of the technology.

The video below describes how Alto works.

Topics: SMBs, Cloud, Disaster Recovery

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  • Enterprise Backup?

    Since when was Datto EVER considered Enterprise Backup? I mean, their Marketing group may claim it, but the rest of the world hasn't heard of them, short of some SMB's out there and Shadow Protect customers. Shadow Protect which is a nice product, again is an SMB tool.
    • Unredeemed

      First of all, it depends on what the definition of 'Enterprise' is. Some. Quickbooks has a product called "Quickebooks Enterprise" aimed at 'big companies' doing more than 5million in revenues. Ask IBM and they think Enterprise means only multi-billion dollar companies.

      Datto has devices that can backup as much as 90+tb so IMHO that's an 'Enterprise'.