David Thodey hits Mobile World Congress

David Thodey hits Mobile World Congress

Summary: Telstra chief executive David Thodey has confirmed plans to deliver a keynote address at the mobile industry's flagship Mobile World Congress confab in Spain next week, in coalition with partner Amdocs.

TOPICS: Telcos, Telstra

Telstra chief executive David Thodey has confirmed plans to deliver a keynote address at the mobile industry's flagship Mobile World Congress confab in Spain next week, in coalition with partner Amdocs.

The event, held in the Spanish city of Barcelona every year, has become one of the main venues for the mobile industry to make dramatic product revelations that will shape the year ahead. For example, it was at Mobile World Congress in 2010 that Taiwanese giant HTC unveiled its Desire smartphone and its Australian exclusivity on Telstra's Next G network. The launch paved the way for the rapid adoption in Australia throughout last year of smartphones based on Google's Android platform.

This year, Thodey will speak with Amdocs on Telstra's vision of "an always-on, interactive connected world taking Australia into the next generation", according to the conference agenda, as part of a discussion with other companies on the changing role of telecommunications service providers.

In 2010, little over half a year into his tenure as Telstra CEO, Thodey cancelled a trip to Mobile World Congress to focus on discussions with the government over Telstra's role in the National Broadband Network. A year later, the discussions have substantially moved on, with Telstra and NBN Co on the verge of finalising a landmark agreement about how the telco will transition its customers and infrastructure into the NBN.

However, Thodey is still working heavily on the issue, according to the Australian Financial Review, which this morning revealed the CEO met with Mike Quigley, his counterpart at NBN Co, last week, in an attempt to get the deal bedded down and progress made ahead of Telstra's half-yearly annual results briefing this Thursday.

Thodey isn't the only Telstra chief executive to have made a splash at the Spanish conference.

In 2009 his predecessor, Sol Trujillo, attended the conference, launching an upgrade to the telco's flagship Next G network, but also hitting headlines for reportedly having a top secret prototype of a HTC/Windows Mobile handset stolen from him. Telstra later said that it wasn't actually Trujillo's phone which had been stolen, but one of the telco's other executives. Trujillo also tangled with internet telephony player Skype on stage at the conference, telling the audience he had "a responsibility to make money".

Like the CES conference in Las Vegas this month, this year's Mobile World Congress is likely to be focused on the introduction of a wave of powerful new dual-core smartphones and tablet devices based on Android. Companies like Samsung have already flagged press briefings in Australia next week to detail their new products, which could include an update to the popular Galaxy Tab tablet launched on Telstra, Optus and Vodafone in late 2010.

And another wild card will also be added into the mix, with Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer also having scheduled in a keynote at the event. The executive's speech may focus on the company's Windows Phone 7 platform, which was launched in Australia last year with a great deal of support from Telstra.

Topics: Telcos, Telstra

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  • Mobile the smart communications mode of the future and Telstra, as usual, in the thick of things. Soon to be cashed up and lead the way.
    Vasso Massonic
  • So of course, you have all wireless and no fixed comms at your place Vasso, otherwise, you aren't that smart, according to, umm, you!
  • I am extremely fortunate of enjoying the best of both worlds.

    Cable standard Liberty broadband with wireless interconnect laptop/desktop all we can eat @ $59.95 pm.
    Mobile phones serviced by that global-best network, Telstra's Next G.

    My total telecommunications expenditure amounts to $1675 pa and devours only
    23% of my grossed up Telstra dividend.

    Children and grandchildren follow the global 100% wireless applications trend.

    I am not smart merely shrewd.
    Vasso Massonic
  • So you have "fixed" with a WiFi router? How can it be global when you and I (and many others have fixed)?

    Shrewd? That capital loss on those TLS shares would suggest otherwise?

    But whatever makes you feel warm and cosy...!
  • 'Trend' VIZ [n] a general direction in which something tends to move;

    What Capital loss ?

    Shrewd trading, supplemented by a constant 13% (on average) income wards off the impending danger of actual Capital loss even allowing for the cost of money.
    Vasso Massonic
  • Yes, yes, yes... 13%... I'm sure you can even fudge the figures, using franking, inflation, diving rods, ouija boards and a prayer to King Solomon, to desperately show how you got that crazy figure too...LOL

    But you might try to fool everyone else to save face, but you cannot fool yourself... you know the truth...! I bet you always bought TLS at bottom and sold at top too... genius [sic]?

    Paint as rosy picture as you can for your precious Telstra, but the truth is, had you invested elsewhere (say for example CBA - no, not that joke doc you and your party want done on the NBN - the bank) you would still have been patriotically helping Australia too (pfft) but would be infinitely, much better off.

    Tell us too, how well you are doing on CFU. Can you concoct another mathematical, unrealistic story to save more silly loss making ventures?
  • My, you do have a problem.

    No hokus Pokus in arriving at grossed-up dividends.

    TLS Price at last payout (24/09/10) $2.67. Dividend $0.14 = 5.24% divide by .7 = grossed-up dividend for half year = 7.48% projected to full year = 14.96% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CFU, is doing marvelously well for me. Here's something courtesy the Company announcement dated 24 January 2011

    "Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited [AIM/ASX:CFU], a leading developer of high efficiency and low emission electricity generation units for homes and other buildings, has signed an agreement with Adelaide-based Hills Holdings Limited for Hills to sell and service Ceramic Fuel Cells’ BlueGen gas-to-electricity units.

    Under the agreement Hills will distribute BlueGen, initially in South Australia. Hills will also provide installation and after-sales service for BlueGen products Australia-wide and will help Ceramic Fuel Cells to develop the market for BlueGen.

    Hills, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, is a leading manufacturer, distributor and installer of home products including premium solar hot water products. Hills had revenues last financial year of AUD 1.1 billion.

    Hills has a wide range of businesses in three major categories: home, hardware and eco products; electronic security and entertainment; and building and industrial products.

    The Australian market for BlueGen is estimated to be several hundred thousand units – the number of households connected to natural gas is more than three million.

    In December 2010 German utility EWE, following two years of testing, placed an order worth up to AUD 6.6 million for up to 200 integrated micro CHP products made using Ceramic Fuel Cells’ patented technology.

    BlueGen units are the latest breakthrough in small scale electricity generation.

    BlueGen uses ceramic fuel cells to turn natural gas into electricity and heat for hot water. Each BlueGen unit can produce twice the electricity needed to power an average Australian home. Surplus electricity can be sold back to the grid. BlueGen units can generate electricity at up to double the efficiency of the current Australian power grid, providing significant cost savings off energy bills and large carbon savings.

    “We are delighted to have signed this agreement with Hills, an iconic Australian company in the home hardware and eco products market,” said Brendan Dow, Ceramic Fuel Cells’ Managing Director. “This agreement represents a further validation of our BlueGen product and what it can achieve in the energy market.”
    Mr Dow added: “Hills designs, develops and makes its own appliances and solar products, so there are also longer term strategic opportunities for us to collaborate on the BlueGen manufacturing and supply-chain side.”

    The agreement is in line with Ceramic Fuel Cells’ strategy to sell BlueGen units in Australia through distributors and to outsource the installation and service of BlueGen units. The agreement with Hills follows similar BlueGen distribution agreements with green products retailer Neco, based in Melbourne, and Harvey Norman’s Commercial Division, in NSW and the ACT.

    In December Ceramic Fuel Cells installed a BlueGen unit at Adelaide Central Market in Gouger Street, Adelaide. The Adelaide City Council and the State Government are demonstrating the unit for 12 months as part of a free electric vehicle charging station at the Markets. This is the first BlueGen unit installed in South Australia. BlueGen units are also operating in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and in Europe, Japan and the USA."

    My conclusion:

    The fallacy of the Gillard Government is that it does not deem BlueGen 'green' simply be case it converts 'gas-to-electricity' not solar-to-electricity. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wakey, wakey Labor.
    Vasso Massonic
  • Gee... that's a lot of words to write to say, umm nothing...

    But the dividend NOW, whilst the shares are low, is why I bought! But then resold because I really couldn't stomach being one of you...!

    Of course, we all recognise the TLS div. is quite attractive... it has to be because of the negative growth (some -40% on the averaged T1, 2 and 3, which you simply ignore)... Never mind the over -60% on T2 alone!

    Plus, it's all good and well working out your figures on $2.67, what about when TLS were $9, $8, $7 and not paying 14c (in '98 they paid 7c). Yes you initially said averaged 13%, without bothering to do the figures, I say pfft...

    You could have bought T1 @ $3.30 picked up the '98 and '99 divs and sold for over $9. But you didn't because you wanter "MORE" and have blamed everyone else (Gov, ACCC, leeches [sic] etc) since...!

    Hmmm CFU you paid 17.5c for, is now worth 14c and doesn't pay a div, but is doing marvellously too...LOL!!!!!!

    You sound like the pokie addict who will tell you... "i just pulled $200 out of that machine"... but neglects to tell you he's pumped $300 in...LOL!
  • I reiterate......"My, you do have a problem."

    Over and out
    Vasso Massonic
  • Over and out... heard it before, won't happen...

    As for problems go and check what you paid for TSL and CFU and what they are now worth (paper losses I know) but, it will show whose the one with the problem or at least repeatedly, woeful judgement!
  • Oops TLS
  • That poor nut case, certainly does have a huge problem Vasso, and it would do all of us well, to simply ignore him and his never ending rants and begrudgements. He resents anyone that has Telstra shares, to the point of being obsessed, and constantly throws (certainly in my case) ridiculous buy/sell scenarios around, without a clue as to what I paid for them. He really does need some professional help with that problem of his............................... (Now wait for the crap to arrive.)
  • RS as a person versed and trained in the required application, could I seriously advise you that your Oops should not be taken lightly. It may be, and is a probability considering your displayed hatred for the great Australian company, Telstra, that there ire a few roos short in the top paddock.
  • Ain't that the truth.....!!! (He is probably scrambling through his encyclopaedia right now, trying to come up with some sort of reasonable reply...........................poor sod !)
  • Funny how a few "old losers (look all 3 are here now, quick get a palette of GREED repellent)" who simply, out of their own disgusting selfishness, cannot accept Australia's comms does not revolve around their portfolios and they cannot comprehend that Telstra has performed woefully, due to MISMANAGEMENT!

    As a consequence, "they themselves" (as TLS shareholders) have lost their life savings. But they cannot accept the blame, so they blame everyone else, even me...LOL...

    Anyone who questions "Saint Telstra... God Bless Telstra" as you have ridiculously and selfishly called them lala...are referred to others having a few roos short...

    Well... at least I only have a few roos short, unlike you Telstra clones minions, who are totally devoid of any roos at all! ... What a coincidence, just like your bank balance ZERO...thanks to clever 'investing" (investing LOL) in Telstra...!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • RS posts about 100 pro NBN and anti telstra comments a week. And then several hundred more under other names. Wierd stuff. At least he has stopped down the bad poems. Go Google RS and the main media sites and you will find him before, after his own RS comments creating the issue, debating the issue, expanding the issue. In many cases in the whole string of comments, he is the only contributer.
    RS is very important because he/she is ground zero.
    The very first person of tens of millions the NBN sent completely stark raving mad.
    RS is a VIP to remember and why
  • Anti-NBN "boys" are getting desperate...

    Thank you for recognising that unlike you and your stupidity, I am indeed a VIP and don't you forget it...LOL!

    I like the way you wrote your name... just like you did when you advertised your new help TLS shareholders website...

    Gee those shares are hurtin' eh and they will hurt more if you successfully stop Telstra from doing the deal... in a masochistic way I should support you, just to see those worthless shares plummet further...

    So where do I sign up...!
  • Ooh would you like a poem...?

    Just say, I have one per idiot so you are entitled to, what...5 or 6!
  • He is not ground zero, he is much lower than that. A subterannean grub more like it